NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Exercise Bike Review

The NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Exercise Bike comes with 35 workout programs which are dedicated for the passionate users. The athlete-grade bike comes with 26 resistance levels. The impressive program combinations represent the strong point of the bike which can be used to power intense fitness efforts every day. The bike is also very well connected as it is up to date with the latest market requirements. The bike comes with a 10” touch screen. And now you even have the capacity to browse the web on the screen with simple touch controls. With a built-in fan, the bike is a top choice for dedicated users.

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  • 35 workout programs
  • 26 digital resistance levels
  • 10” screen with web connectivity
  • Hear rate monitor
  • Lifetime frame warranty


  • 2-year limited labor warranty


The bike is one of the most advanced machines from the manufacturer and even on the market. Since it has over 30 programs which you can use for cycling variation, it represents a solid performer across the board. Practically, you can have a different workout every day of the month. The bike comes with 24 resistance levels which will test your fitness to the limit.

In terms of connectivity, the bike comes with the latest customer desires on the market. The bike has a built-in display which also allows you to navigate the internet. The bike is also enabled for iFit which means you have access to a full world of cycling possibilities.  And you can even listen to your favorite music by connecting your dedicated player. This makes it one of the recommended options for the balance of performance and connectivity. With so many preset programs, there is little space for added fitness challenges.

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The design of the bike comes with an easy to use machine. As you would expect from the manufacturer, there are no surprise design elements as everything is solidly made. Actually, the sturdy frame comes with lifetime warranty. This means you can expect to use the bike for years to come.

The ergonomic pedals are easy to use and are made to channel your cycling efforts towards longer and more intense workouts. Another top feature of the bike comes with the built-in heart rate sensors. While you cycle with longer workouts, you can monitor your heart rate and truly track your progress not only through the workout but in time as well.

The NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Exercise Bike is a complete solution for any type of users. Since it can also be used by the new cyclist, the bike comes with a comfortable seat and a relaxed experience. But once you increase the resistance levels you will have to push yourself harder and harder. The bike also comes with inclined or declined functions to mimic real life situations when you would go up or down a field. This gives it the ability to offer you a genuine cardio workout which is perfect for weight loss and muscle toning.

NordicTrack Grand Tour Pro Exercise Bike Review
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