Octane Fitness Pro 310 Elliptical Machine

Looking for high performance at excellent value for money? Introducing the Octane Fitness Pro 310 elliptical for commercial purposes. With a variety of features to suit any workout regime, you can be assured of great results. From workout boosters, converging handles and interactive console, exercising becomes great fun.

Simulating a natural running and having foot spacing that are designed to match a natural gait, you will not have to worry about injuring yourself due to irregular motions. Octane fitness equipment are award winning simply due to their top-notch design and highly scientific research input. This makes them highly sought after both locally and internally in both home settings and fitness and health centres.

Product features

  • Simulates a natural running motion with correct foot spacing while allowing for both backwards and forward movements
  • It is compact and space saving making it ideal for homebased training
  • Workout applications from Octane allow you to choose between different levels of intensity to achieve a great physique and overall fitness


  • Saves on space making it ideal for indoor settings
  • Silent motion ensures no disturbance to the rest of the family when training
  • Octane workout provides varied resistance levels for advanced training
  • High quality construction and design


  • The price may be on the higher end for some individuals

Types of Exercise Bikes

When it comes to buying yourself an indoors exercise bike, you will most likely come across the words recumbent and upright. Without the right kind of information, it’s almost impossible to select the right type of bike for you. Let’s look at what these two words mean so that you are better informed to make the right kind of choices.

Recumbent bikes are gaining popularity rapidly in homes and fitness centres mainly due to the higher comfort levels. They have seats that are buckets shaped allowing you to sit back as you work your lower body. Training becomes a fun engagement helping you reach your fitness goals without the unnecessary strain characterised by some training equipment.

Upright bikes on the other hand allow you to sit straight with the pedals below you. While they will help you lose those extra pounds and attain that well-toned physique, they may not offer sitting that is comfortable enough to match that of recumbent bikes. Main differences between the two include:

  1. Support for Lower Back

The lumbar spine is better taken care off with recumbent bikes. This is because unlike upright bikes where you are bent over the handles, recumbent bikes allow for a better sitting back position that is more comfortable to your back

  1. Large Seats

Upright bikes have smaller seats compared to recumbent bikes and can be a bit uncomfortable for larger sized users. Recumbent bike seats are bucket shaped and large enough to accommodate bigger people.

  1. Safety

Due to their better sitting position, recumbent bikes are safer for your back and since you cannot get up on the pedals while exercising, the risk of getting knee and joint injuries is greatly reduced.

Octane Fitness Pro 310 Elliptical Machine
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