Olympic Vs. Standard Weight Bench

There is the need for you to look for the equipment you will use for your exercises in order to achieve the best results for your weight-training efforts.  This is particularly true for specific upper-body exercises such as chest rows and flyes as well as bench presses.

The Olympic and Standard Weight Benches are the two main types of weight benches that facilitate bench pressing exercises. Your present level of strength, the frequency of your workouts and your budget play significant role in determining the equipment best suitable for your exercises or training.Pull Up Bars

Bench press is a great and common form of strength training exercise carried out in fitness centers all over the United States. A weight bench used to do bench presses will target the muscles of the chest, and the shoulder and triceps muscles to a lesser degree.

Weight Bench

Weight bench varies in length and width. Nevertheless, the bench must be big enough to hold up the trunk from the bottom to head when lying flat, in order to ensure safe exercise. In addition, the bench must be strong enough to carry the weight being lifted and the weight of an individual.

Each weight bench comes with metal uprights designed to grip the barbell between lifts. If the lifter plans to carry lifts with a wide grip, the uprights may need to be designed wider. On the other hand, each bench has a set of weight plates and barbell. The can be used to perform different exercises like shoulder presses, biceps curls and squats.

Olympic Weight Bench Design

This weight bench is competition grade equipment for designed for advanced weight training. It is wider and longer than the standard bench. On the other hand, its construction is high-class, making use of hard-wearing high-grade composite steel.

This bench is designed to handle the pressure of tremendously heavy weight and utilizes an Olympic bar with high-capacity support cradles. It is commonly used in fitness centers for the reason that it can accommodate the strongest lifters.

Advantages of Olympic Weight Bench

  • It is well-built
  • Can lift or support the largest lifters
  • The uprights can carry gigantic amounts of weight
  • If the weight is unbalanced, the heavy weight of the Olympic barbell makes it less likely to tip over

Standard Weight Benches

These are specifically designed for casual users and beginners who want an all-purpose level of fitness from weight training. Standard weight benches are smaller than the Olympic benches. The bench has barbell smaller than that of the Olympic bench. It also boasts thin padding and use a standard weight bar that doesn’t have a high capacity. Also, it is made with thin tubing material made from a composite alloy or aluminum.Pull Up Bars

Advantages of a Standard Bench

  • Lighter and smaller in size – This makes it easy to be moved from one place to another
  • Adjustable to an upright or an incline position – this will make the lifter to focus or target other areas of the shoulder and chest musculature
  • Costs less than Olympic bench

Considerations for Olympic Vs. Standard Weight Bench

The considerations for Olympic vs. Standard Weight Bench are that; Olympic benches are of higher quality than the Standard weight benches. In terms of cost, Olympic benches are more expensive than the Standard weight benches. While the expense of a Standard weight bench is specially planned for the average home aficionado, the cost of equipping a basic home gym with Olympic bench can be too expensive.

On the other hand, the increased variability and smaller footprint of Standard weight bench makes it perfect for home gym users. Nevertheless, a lot of Standard weight benches won’t be able to accommodate the high weight capacities you need to lift to achieve progressive overload, if you are an advanced or experienced lifter with an established level of base strength. There are no such restrictions for Olympic bench.

Olympic Vs. Standard Weight Bench
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