earth grown nutrients vs athletic greensAthletic Greens VS ONNIT Earth Grown Nutrients – Who Is the Winner?

Exercising on a daily basis is not enough to help you gain a healthy and fit body. Along with regular workouts, you also need a proper diet. If you do not eat proper foods and intake proper nutrients, your body will not respond properly to your regular dedication at the gym. According to experts, eating healthy and homemade foods is not enough to help your body get all the necessary nutrients. You need to have a good quality health supplement to help your body overcome the deficiency in all the vital nutrients. This is why it is always recommended that you have one of the best healthy supplements available at stores.  Which leads us to the debate on which greens super food mix is better, Earth Grown Nutrients vs Athletic Greens.

Athletic Greens Vs ONNIT Earth Grown Nutrients

When you talk about health supplements, you will find quite a few varieties in the market. Two of the best are Athletic Greens and Earth Grown Nutrients. However, most of you may wonder which one to have and which one to avoid. Here is a short comparison between the two to help you decide.

  1. Based On Ingredients: Onnit Earth Grown Nutrients have a combination of 25 different types of ingredients, which are primarily divided into 5 categories based on their functions in your body. These functions include detoxification, alkalization, providing a natural flavor and numerous health benefits, improving digestion, and providing all the necessary antioxidants. On the other hand, Athletic Greens come with a proper combination of 75 different types of ingredients, which is way more than its competitors.
  2. Based On Taste: Onnit Earth Grown Nutrients has a bland taste. However, if you like to have green tea, you will certainly like to have this product. On the other hand, Athletic Greens has a hint of vanilla, papaya, and carrot to counter the bitter taste of greens.
  3. Based On Effectiveness: This is a tough category for both the products. Onnit claims that its product helps to detoxify your body without giving a proper explanation. The amount of nutrients in the product is also well short of your daily requirement. On the other hand, Athletic Greens has a proper label stating the amount or percentage of different nutrients it has in its products. This makes it a clear winner in this category.

onnit earth grown nutrients vs athletic greensonnit egn vs athletic greens






Overall, it is quite clear that Onnit may score higher in the pricing section. However, it is the amount and percentage of various nutrients which is necessary for your body. This is why Athletic Greens is a clear winner in the race between Onnit Earth Grown Nutrients and Athletic Greens. You may also find other types of health supplements in the market. However, as far as the nutritional value is concerned, it is always better to have the best. This will help your body get all the vital nutrients it needs to sustain a healthy and fit life. Since it is a matter of your own health, it is always better to avoid counting money and to buy the best to get the most out of it.

ONNIT Earth Grown Nutrients VS Athletic Greens
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