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Truth is, the Onnit Kettlebells don’t need much introduction or description. The fact that they’re kettlebells that bear the Onnit name is, on its own, a strong statement and guarantee of reliable quality, durability, and functionality. But if you’re one who needs to know more about a product before giving it your trust, then this article’s for you.

Now, you’ll find kettlebells in practically every major gym or fitness center anywhere in the world. And as swiftly as standard kettlebells gained momentum and popularity among fitness enthusiasts, Onnit Kettlebells that come with extremely strong quality and in fiercely cool designs earned in just a fraction of that time the interest, trust, and confidence of more and more people, especially those who are very much into MMA and CrossFit training. What a simple weight bench or a set of adjustable dumbbells is not able to give or do, the Onnit Kettlebells will, undoubtedly, be able to.

onnit kettlebells

And what are those things, you may ask, that Onnit kettlebells are made to offer? Well, our view of health and fitness and the way we do exercise and sports have definitely evolved over the years, and along with that, our training needs, methods, and preferences have also changed. This is what Onnit seemed to clearly understand and translate to how they create and design their products, particularly their kettlebells.

One striking advantage of Onnit Kettlebells over others is their design and craftsmanship. While a standard kettlebell, which is basically a metal ball with a handle, can help you burn calories, develop lean muscles, and improve core strength and flexibility, swinging an artistically crafted kettlebell with a menacing, bad-ass face of a Cyclops, a werewolf, or a gorilla just gets you in the zone and lets your inner beast out, which, you have to admit, is a lot cooler.

But apart from the visually strong designs, which you can see in their Primal and Legend series, Onnit kettlebells also have reliable and uncompromising quality and functionality. They’re made of chip- and rust-resistant iron so regardless of how heavy handed you may be, they can last you for decades and still not lose their fierceness. For improved and greater grip strength, the handles are made a bit longer than regular handles and are also made sturdy so as not to cause blisters and bruises.

onnit kettlebells review

Onnit Kettlebells come in weights ranging from 18 to 90 lbs so whether you’re a novice or a professional, you can sure find one that’s perfect for you. For their Primal Bell series, there’s the 18-lb primal howler monkey bell, the 36-lb chimp primal bell, the 54-lb orang-utan bell, and the 72-lb gorilla primal bell. Offered in the Onnit Legend series are Harpy, who is 12 kg or 26.46 lbs, Cyclops, who is 20 kg or 44.09 lbs, and Werewolf, who is 28 kg or 61.73 lbs.

With such quality kettlebells, it’ll be easy for you to gain momentum and swing to your optimum.

Onnit Kettlebell Review
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