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The rate of your progress as you go through your training would, to a certain extent, depend on how fast your muscle tissues recover after subjecting them to different levels of stress, tension and strain whenever you workout or exercise.  Our bodies go through an adaptation process when we put our muscles to work and break down protein. This process is vital in strengthening our bodies and it is triggered by recovery. The faster you recover, the better your body’s adaptation process becomes, and the more you’re able to achieve higher progression rate in your training.  This is where ONNIT Recovery Protein comes in.

onnit recovery protein

Having the right type and amount of nutrients in your body is vital in keeping your body’s recovery and adaptation processes running smoothly and efficiently. And putting a high premium on recovery, ONNIT has come up with its Recovery Protein, which is basically designed to provide the body with the key amino acids that play vital roles in repairing muscle tissues. Apart from the ingredients that help facilitate and speed up the muscle repair process, the ONNIT Recovery Protein also contains coconut water powder, which helps keep your body well-nourished and hydrated as you train or workout and sweat your way to a perfectly fit and healthy body and improved athletic performance.

What is ONNIT Recovery Protein All About

With colostrum as one of its main ingredients, not only can this protein-rich supplement from Onnit help enhance your body’s adaption and muscle recovery processes for improved training performance, it can also help boost your body’s immune system and keep you protected from disease-causing bacteria or viruses. Colostrum is a nutrient-rich, immune boosting milk, and the ONNIT Recovery Protein contains five grams of it per serving.

In addition to the instantized branched chain amino acids, the coconut water powder and the colostrum present in it, Recovery Protein also has creatine, which generally aids in improving your muscle health and condition and in yielding higher energy output so you can do more and train more, and not wear out too quickly and easily.

The Onnit Recovery Protein also contains ten grams of hemp seed per serving to complement its other protein-rich ingredients and create a highly potent formula and blend of various protein sources.

onnit protein powder

With faster recovery, your body gets stronger instead of weaker as your training progresses. As such, you’re more able to develop the strength and endurance necessary for you to reach your fitness and training goals quickly, effectively and efficiently.onnit recovery protein review

Aside from containing muscle recovery-enhancing, and immune-boosting ingredients, the ONNIT Recovery Protein also has muscle-nourishing ingredients such as goat whey that’s free from toxic chemical additives and harmful growth hormones. It’s said that compared to cow’s milk, goat milk’s molecular design is easier to break down and digest so the body can easily absorb the nutrients present in it. As such, your tired muscles can immediately benefit from the milk’s impressive nutrient profile.

Another great thing about it it’s not just designed for professional athletes but for anyone who wants to keep their muscles healthy and in great shape.

ONNIT Recovery Protein Review
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