ONNIT x Marvel Hero Elite Series Spider-Man Battle Rope

ONNIT, a nutritional supplement and fitness equipment company in Austin, TX, just announced their newest Marvel Comics collaboration product.  The ONNIT Spider-Man Battle Ropes joins the Marvel Hero Elite Series lineup that includes: Captain America Shield Barbell Plates and the Iron Man Kettlebell.

Shop the Onnit x Marvel Hero Elite Series featuring epic tools for heroes in training.

The Spiderman Battles ropes are the iconic Red and Blue colors of the suit that Spiderman wears and coined by ONNIT as “Unique Spidey-Styling”.  The features of these workout picture of the Spider Man Battle Ropes by ONNIT in the Hero Elite Series Marvel Comic Book Collectionropes are as follows:

  • 3 Strand Rope for Super Human Strength
  • Stop Caps on both ends of the rope which provide Spidey Grip and Control during workouts

ONNIT first launched their line of battle ropes in 2012 and has kept improving on the product over the years.  This model represents years of testing to come up with the best battle rope on the market in terms of durability and styling.

Having the stop point for your hands that these new Spider-Grip Stop Caps provide allows you to control and rope better as well as allow you to work on the strength of your grip which is a very important thing to work on and increase for any workout enthusiast.

This rope is great not only for the Spiderman fan and lover but also for the everyday battle rope user because it truly has the design and durability to last through years of abuse slamming these on the ground.

Benefits of Using the ONNIT Spider-Man Battle Ropes

Using this fitness tool allows you to work on a combination of mobility, strength and power at the same time through exercises like Alternating Waves, Seated Twist and Lateral Waves.

Spiderman needs these three (power, mobility and strength) to be in tip top form in order to battle the bad guys.  Now, you can train just like Spider-Man and get to the top of your game.


ONNIT Spider-Man Battle Ropes Review
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