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Let’s admit it. Not a lot of us are into greens, and even if we are, not all of us have the luxury of infusing as much nutrient-rich veggies as we need into our diets. So, the ONNIT Spirulina and Chlorella supplement is convenient for most.

At best, many of us get our dose of greens from small servings of salad, which, more often than not, and as appetizing as they may be when served with various toppings and delicious dressings, offer less than adequate amount of essential vitamins and minerals. And since it’s more convenient to buy and prepare canned, frozen or genetically modified veggies than to grow and harvest your own organic produce, we often end up consuming and ingesting chemically-laden greens that are rather hazardous than nutritious. And even at times we’re able to grow, harvest and prepare some fresh veggies, the very process of cooking them can cause these greens to lose significant amount of their nutritional value.

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Two of the highly potent and nutrient-rich algae that should be included in your diet if you’re to remain healthy and avoid acquiring nutrient deficiency-related are Spirulina and Chlorella.

With these two algae forms’ impressive and proven nutritional values and profiles, they can play critical roles and help greatly not only in boosting our immune systems but also in detoxifying our bodies. This is even more so if they’d be taken in tablet forms, which can be quickly absorbed by the body. Another advantage of Spirulina and Chlorella in tablets forms over powdered or liquid plant-based food supplements is they don’t have the strong, pungent taste that’s one of the common reasons why a lot of us try to avoid eating greens.

When it comes to highly potent and quality source of protein concentration, Spirulina and onnit spirulina and chlorellaChlorella simply deserve the top spots on the list. Compared to the 20 to 30 percent utilizable protein that you can get from animal-sourced protein, plant-based protein, particularly that which you can get from Spirulina and Chlorella can provide more phytonutrients and a much higher percentage, around 60 percent, of utilizable protein.

However, as mentioned earlier, most super greens available in the market today are not naturally and organically grown. A huge percentage of vegetables are now grown on depleted soil, and thrive on harmful chemicals and fertilizers. Some of these greens also go through several processes that significantly reduces their nutritional value. As such, these greens not only contain low concentration of vitamins and minerals but can also hurt our immune system and increase our risk of getting sick

onnit labs spirulina and chlorella super greens

onnit spirulina and chlorella reviewsFortunately, Onnit came up with this easy-on-the-taste buds, clinically tested, protein-rich and easy to absorb super green supplement made with naturally grown Spirulina and Chlorella. And if you’re looking for something to help strengthen your body’s defense against disease-causing bacteria and viruses, and help eliminate toxins and heavy metals that can hurt your liver, try the Onnit Spirulina and Chlorella super greens mix and start enjoying the benefits that these super greens are able to offer.

ONNIT Spirulina & Chlorella Review
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