ozeri touch 440 lbs total body bath scaleOzeri Touch Body Fat Scale – It Is More Than Just an Ordinary Weighing Scale

Many of you think that using an ordinary weighing scale will tell you your actual body weight. This is not true at all. There are several things, more important than your body weight, which you should know, as well. Some of these include your bone mass, body water content, and muscle mass, amongst many more. Once you find out about these information, you will get to know where exactly you stand in terms of your fitness level. There was a time when people had to take a doctor’s appointment in order to get such information about their health. These days, you can simply use a body fat scale at home to find out more about your body.  This page shows you the Ozeri Touch Total Body Bath Scale.

Ozeri Touch Body Fat Scale – Features

You probably exercise every day very sincerely. However, when it comes to getting the proper results, most of you get demoralized. Some of you also plan to stop exercising when you find out about the fitness results of your body. It is needless to say that your body responds to workouts. But in order to find out more about such response, you need to use a good quality body fat scale such as the Ozeri Touch Body Fat Scale.

  1. The Ozeri Touch Body Fat Scale uses BIA technology and comes with 4 different sensors. The BIA technology sends a minor electric current through your body to get its readings. It takes hardly a few seconds for you to get the information on this machine. Pregnant women and people with pacemakers in their hearts are not allows to use this machine.
  2. The maximum user weight capacity of the Ozeri Touch Body Fat Scale is 400 pounds or 200kgs. It is extremely user friendly and even a small kid can operate the scale.
  3. Due to its sleek design you may think that it is fragile. On the contrary, this scale is quite sturdy and durable. It has a tempered glass surface which does not allow the scale to crack even when a very fat person steps on it.
  4. The Ozeri Touch Body Fat Scale can measure and store data of a maximum of 8 users. This is why it is one of the best body fat scales for families. All that is required is for you to make a profile for every family member. Users from any age group can use this scale.
  5. This scale can also be used to weigh your luggage and pet. Since you cannot place the luggage on the scale, you need to take your own body weight, then step on it again holding the luggage. The difference in the weight will be the weight of the luggage.

In order to get the best results always place the scale on a solid flat surface. Also make sure that the surface where you place the Ozeri Touch Body Fat Scale is dry. Once you start using this scale regularly, you will soon forget about your age old weighing scale for sure.

Ozeri Touch Body Fat Scale Review
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