Peloton Cycle Review

When the question of going to the gym arises, a bucket full of excuses pour out from people. Some say that they have to finish an urgent official project or assignment, some say that their gyms are too crowded for them to workout peacefully, and some even say that the weather is too cold to run on the treadmill. If you have also given excuses about missing your gym sessions in the past, then it is time to buy yourself a good quality exercise bike at home. This way, you can get the much-needed workout and also avoid going to your crowded gym to exercise.  We take a look at the Peloton Cycle (aka Peloton Spin Bike) in this review.

Peloton Cycle – Features

If you talk about indoor exercise bikes, you will come across several varieties at stores. Although the primary objective of these machines is similar, their features will certainly vary to some extent. One of the highly popular names in the world of exercise bikes is Peloton. Although the company was initiated recently in the year 2013, it has grown steadily in terms of popularity. Today, you will find plenty of people, who use a Peloton Cycle at home. There are several useful features of the product, which have been listed below.

  1. The Bike: The Peloton Cycle is just like any other exercise bike which is used indoors. It comes with an adjustable seat along with a resistance knob, which is located within reach of the user. The bike itself is designed with utmost precision and the pedals come with cleat locks so that your feet do not slip while exercising.
  2. The Screen: The display of the Peloton Cycle is quite large in size and provides all the important data about your workout, which includes the distance you covered, amount of calories you have burnt, present resistance level, and output. Users can also choose a suitable workout class on the screen to help you with your workout. You may either opt for one of the live classes or choose on-demand classes. The video search system works exactly the same to YouTube.
  3. Workout Classes: Workout classes are available in both Spanish and English languages. Just in case you are unable to view a live video from your favorite instructor, you may record it for later viewing purpose. The recording will be saved in the cloud and you may view it later in your leisure time or during your next workout session. Peloton is aiming at introducing more workout instructors in numerous other languages for the benefit of its users.

How Does It Work?

Whenever you wish to work out on your Peloton Cycle, simply hop onto the seat and choose from either one of the live spin classes or from one of the previously filmed classes. The company maintains a studio in New York City and all the workout classes are filmed at that studio. The Peloton studio is equipped with hi-tech equipment such as HD Sony PTZ cameras and a robotic Telemetrics HD track camera. These cameras work in tandem and cover the entire proceedings which include the instructions from the coaches and the way it is carried out by others.

A Wide Range of Peloton Accessories

You choose from a wide range of Peloton accessories to be used with your Peloton Cycle. This will help you enjoy your workout and get the most out of them.

  • Cycling Shoes: Termed as one of the most comfortable indoor cycling shoes, you can wear it before you sit on the bike. It comes with special clips, which connects with your Peloton bike with ease. This will ensure that you do not lose your grip while pedaling away with all your effort.
  • Sports Mat: Have you remodeled the flooring of your home recently? Are you afraid that using an indoor exercise bike might damage the flooring? Then you may opt for the Sports Mat made by Peloton. It is a 36” by 72” mat, which you can place under your bike. This will prevent your flooring from getting damaged.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: If you are a heart patient, then you may have to be cautious while exercising. If you do not keep track of your heart rate then it can prove to be fatal for you. The best solution is to opt for the Heart Rate Monitor along with your Peloton Cycle. It uses ANT+ chest strap, which you are supposed to wear around your chest during your workout session. It will track your heart rate while your workout.
  • Weights: Many of you wish to get an upper body workout while cycling. This is why you can go for one of the weights by Peloton. These are available in 1 pound weights, 2 pounds weight, and 3 pounds weights. Choose a suitable one so that you can enjoy your workout sessions and also get a proper result for the entire body.

Should You Use A Peloton Cycle?

Most of you may wonder whether you should use a Peloton Cycle at home. It is good for you to note that a Peloton Cycle comes with a heavy price tag. If you are not serious about your health, then investing so much on the bike may result in a waste of time and money. Initially, you may think that the price is too steep for you. However, if you use the bike and enjoy the benefits, you will understand that the price was worth the results. All you need to ask yourself is how long you are willing to spend on the exercise bike.

It is true that you will come across several other indoor exercise bikes within the same price or even lower. However, none of them will provide you with live workout classes. It has been seen that without motivation, people find it tough to carry on with their workout routines. This is where a Peloton Cycle scores above its competitors. If you decide to buy a Peloton Cycle for your own use, always ensure that you take good care of the product. After all, it is a machine and it demands great care on a regular basis.

Peloton Cycle Review
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