perfect pushup reviewPerfect Pushup V2 Elite Review

Are you looking for a powerful, sturdy and reasonably priced push up equipment to boost your chest workouts at home? Perfect Pushup Elite V2 is a great choice.

Perfect Pushup V2 Elite Overview

The Perfect Pushup V2 Elite is the next generation push-up equipment that changes the traditional pushup exercise. This equipment lets the body move naturally, thereby engaging more muscles in the abs, back, chest, shoulders and arms, at the same time as it is reducing joint strain. Each handle of V2 Elite weighs 2.5 pounds and it is capable of supporting a load capacity weighing about 200 pounds.

perfect pushup elite

Perfect Pushup V2 has a thicker base and the handles are more modernized and have a perfect pushup v2modern look. Its textured grips are cushioned and a bit ridged for comfortable feel with a wider surface area to aid in distributing weight and lessen point load. In addition, it has an enclosed steel ball bearing system designed to give superfluous smooth rotation even as the wide turntable enhances torsional rigidity for firm feel in the course of wide-grip pushups and tremendous workouts.

Does the Perfect Pushup V2 Work?

There is proof that this product works, going by the Perfect Pushup V2 Elite review. This is because a lot of reviewers pointed out that it has helped them achieve an almost full upper body workout at home.

Features and Benefits of Perfect Pushup V2 Elite 

  • Rotating Handles – Allows you to carry out elevated pushups, stimulates more muscles and reduce joint strains during pushups
  • Extremely small and handy to be carried anywhere
  • Excellent for both advanced users and novice, including women
  • Reasonably priced and useful for strength training
  • Durable piece of equipment because they are manufactured from premium materials
  • Steel Ball Bearing System – Ensures smooth and effective rotation
  • Pushup Bars – This feature is used for removing strain from the wrist by allowing it to stay parallel to the arm instead of at the sharp angle formed by carrying out pushup on the floor
    perfect pushup review


  • The handles are too wide, making it difficult to hold
  • It slips a lot


Without a doubt, the Perfect Pushup V2 Elite is one of the most popular chest training equipment you can always reckon with at the moment. A Large part of Perfect Pushup V2 Elite Reviews from customers is positive because they see and feel great results when they used the product. As a matter of fact, not only that they see good development in the upper body muscle groups, they have also been able to build stronger and bigger chest. In a nutshell, Perfect Pushup Elite is intended to be durable and comfortable.

The Final Verdict

Perfect Pushup V2 Elite is a highly recommended machine for you if you have a low budget and you need a powerful and sturdy pushup machine that will enhance your home chest workouts. It requires just a small space, it is easy on the pocket, it is handy and easy to use. On the other hand, it comes with a revolving handle that makes it perfect and helpful to people having fused, injured and weak wrists.

Perfect Pushup Elite V2 Review
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