perky booty workoutPerky Booty Workout

It is always important to perk up one’s booty and it is never late to do so because the glutes that are powered up due to the perk up helps one to run better and is also known to give protection against both the back pain and the knee pain. Every time is the best time for doing butt exercises. The major problem is that sculpting this particular area is not at all an easy work to do. But the moves of Courtney Paul will surely help to have their tight caboose along with the superb curves. According to the trainers, 3 sets are to be performed with an interval of 60 second for every side and every exercise. With this regular practice, one can easily notice the tighter and stronger seat in no less than 3 weeks.

Perform squats to the double pulse lunge

This helps in lifting one’s booty. This is to be started with the feet shoulder width apart and the hips are to be lowered until it is parallel to the floor. The push up is to be done with the help of the heels. As one returns to the standing position,exercises for butt he will have to step his left foot back while coming down to a lunge. Hold on for 2 seconds and then pulse for twice and return to the starting position. One can hold a weight of 10 to 15 pounds for making it tough.

Squat to cross lunge

The lower glutes get tightened with this move. Start it by standing first and then crossing the right leg behind the left and then lower down in a curtsy on the left foot ball. For standing push up with the help of the left heel and drop down to a squat and then return back to the position of starting. One can either add a weight of 10 to 15 pounds for making it a tough one or can also perform a jump squat instead of doing a regular one.

butt lift exercisesPerforming the Pelvic Thrust

The benefit of performing the pelvic thrust is that it helps to round out the bottom of an individual. For doing the exercise, one has to lie down with his face upwards. On a bench, one will have to put the feet shoulder width apart and the hands are to be placed on the hips. One will have to push up with the help of his heels for driving the pelvis upwards. Hold on to at the very top and squeeze the glutes for nearly 2 second. Slowly lower down with a count of 5 to 10 seconds and stop at the position which is just an inch above the exercising platform. For making it tougher, one can place a weight of 10 to 15 pounds on his pelvis.

By performing all the steps that has been mentioned above, one can perk up his booty in just 3 weeks. Just make sure that the steps and moves are being performed correctly.

Perky Booty Workout Best Butt Exercise
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