A Look at the Precor TRM 223 Treadmill

With Precor’s new Energy™ Series Treadmills, getting a fitness center quality workout at the comfort of your own home is no longer impossible. By giving you a safe, personalized, simple but effective and hassle-free fitness experience, your fitness goals are nearer than ever, and your workout time gets maximized. Also, your efforts yield optimum results that are sure to keep you more inspired and excited to exercise, and stay fit and healthy.

Precor TRM 223As with the other offerings of the Energy™ Series Treadmills, TRM 223 takes after Precor’s commercial-grade models with design and convenience features that make it one of the best options in the fitness arena. In terms of technology, design, preset workouts, power, monitoring system and other features, this particular model definitely has a lot of really good things to offer for the benefit and enjoyment of fitness enthusiasts.

Precor TRM 223 Review

Here are some of the features that, with enough commitment and consistency on your part, can guarantee you significant and satisfying results.

Unique Deck Mounting System

The patented Energy Stride™ Technology is just one of TRM 223’s greatest features that you can enjoy. By giving no less than the necessary amount of underfoot cushioning and rigidity on deck areas, you can run on it comfortably for the entire duration of your workout time without injuring yourself due to too much stress on joints.

Excellent Design

Precor 223 TreadmillCompared to folding types, non-folding types have platforms with higher stability factor. Owing to its structurally sound design, both the mechanical and electrical components of TRM 223 allow for highly reliable and trouble-free operation that you can enjoy for years.

Challenging Preset Workouts

To keep you challenged and keep boredom from your regular workout routine at bay, you can use and choose from TRM 223’s 10- preset workouts with built-in warm up and cool down periods. You may also use the easy-to-navigate consoles to customize your workout according to your needs and preferences.

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Powerful Mechanism and No Maintenance Design

Nothing else is better than fitness equipment with low maintenance requirement but one that doesn’t require periodic service calls. TRM 223 runs quietly on a powerful 3 HP continuous duty motor so you can easily speed up and slow down during interval training and not have to worry that you’ll create too much noise.
Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring System

With touch censor and wireless heart rate monitoring system, you can effectively maximize your workout results by making appropriate adjustments to your workout based on your heart rate. This system also works with any Polar® compatible wireless heart rate transmitter, which is sold separately.

SmartRate® Target Heart Zone

treadmillTRM 223 also employs the SmartRate® Target Heart Zone, which helps you know and stay in your cardio, fat burn or peak target zone every time you work out for cardio and weight-loss purposes.

Other Features

• Grab-It™ Console Design
• Expansive Storage Compartments
• Reading Rack
• SmartGrip™ Mobile Phone and Tablet Holder
• Headphone Jack
• Music Volume Control

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Precor TRM 223 Treadmill Reviews
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