Getting a regular workout is good but getting a personalized workout experience for optimum results is much better and more effective. And what better way to achieve your fitness goals than to have the equipment that can use your exercise data to match your workout preferences and meet your personal training needs.  With Precor’s new Precision™ Series Treadmills, you can go a long way in your journey to fitness at the convenience of your own home. The Series’ commercial models continue to grow in popularity among fitness enthusiasts who benefit largely from Precision’s new technology that allows them to enjoy a personalized workout experience every time they get on their treadmills.  Now, let’s take a closer look at one of Precision Series’ offerings, the Precor TRM 425 Treadmill. Here are some of its features.

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Integrated Footplant Technology™

Have you ever injured your knees, ankles or hips just because your treadmill’s belt couldn’t instantly match your speed? With this treadmill’s Integrated Footplant Technology™, you won’t have to worry about such risks as the belt can easily slow down or accelerate depending on the natural movement of your foot. That way, you don’t put too much stress on your knees, ankles and hips while running or walking on the treadmill.

Ground Effects™ Impact Control System

Apart from a belt that matches your speed, the Precor TRM 425 also has a perfectly cushioned front deck and a rigid rear deck to ensure the user’s safety and efficiency This is made possible by its Ground Effects™ Impact Control technology, which employs precisely engineered shock absorbers along the front deck, and allows for an easy push off on a stable surface.

Preset Workouts

There are 10 preset workouts that you can also tailor to your workout preferences. The goal is to keep you moving and challenged so you don’t become bored enough to stop and quit. It also has built-in warm-up and cool-down periods so you can start and end your workout the right way.

Run or Walk Downhill

If you want to simulate running or walking downhill, you may adjust the treadmill deck to -2% and get some real world conditioning at the comfort of your own home.

Heart Rate Monitoring

In addition to its footplant technology, impact control system, preset workouts, and downhill conditioning, the Precor TRM 425 features a touch sensor and wireless heart rate monitoring system that lets you use your exercise data to personalize your exercise, and maximize your training. A wireless heart rate transmitter is also included in the purchase.

SmartRate® Target Heart Zone

To make sure you’ll get the optimum workout benefit every time you get on your treadmills, SmartRate helps keep you in your fat burn, cardio and peak target zone until you reach your weight-loss and cardio goals.

Pull Up Bars


Below are additional features.

  • Grab-It™ Console Design
  • Expansive Storage Compartments
  • Reading Rack
  • SmartGrip™ Mobile Phone and
  • Tablet Holder
  • Headphone Jack
  • Music Volume Control
  • No Maintenance Treadmill Belt
Precor TRM 425 Treadmill Review
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