Precor TRM 835 Treadmill for Maximum Efficiency Workout

Reliability, efficiency, and ease-of-use are some of the factors that one should consider when looking for fitness equipment like a treadmill. And if you’re too busy to go to the gym but still want to stay fit and healthy, a treadmill designed to cater to your personal fitness needs even when you’re at home is most likely what you need. So if you’re thinking of getting one that can meet your personal workout requirements and effectively aid you in achieving your fitness goals, then you may want to check out the Precor TRM 835 Treadmill from Precor’s Experience Series.

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Precor recognizes that a great workout is the sum of many parts and such principle translates to the quality of products, services and technologies they offer. By combining state-of-the-art technology and practical functionality to meet every fitness enthusiast’s personal fitness requirements, Precor’s commercial treadmill models successfully make their users’ workout experience not just simple and easy but, more importantly, personal and effective.

The Precor TRM 835 treadmill is definitely a product of a thoughtful design process and streamlined assembly created to deliver satisfying outputs and customer-focused performance. Below are some of the features that users can enjoy and benefit from while spending time on the belt.

P30 Motion Controls

Available in the entire Experience Series™ line, the Precor TRM 835 features easy-to-use motion controls that will keep you moving without hindrances and unnecessary delays. It also has a LED-based console where you can see your essential stats and exercise data and help you adjust your settings based on your need and preferences.

Power Factor Correction (PFC)

Quiet and efficient, the TM 835 treadmill runs on a 4HP AC motor with Power Factor Correction (PFC) that allows for increased performance and up to 30% decrease in energy consumption.

Integrated Footplant Technology™

Anything that helps reduce the level of stress on your knees, hips and ankles every time you run or walk when you work out will not just enhance your performance but also keep you from injuries. With the Integrated Footplant Technology™ that lets the belt match your foot’s natural speed, this model from Precor’s Experience series is sure to let you workout safely and efficiently.

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® Impact Control System

Precor decks feature a patented impact control system that provides adequate cushioning, support and stability for exercises. The front deck has shock absorption mechanism while the back has enough rigidity allowing for a firm and stable push-off.

Active Status Light

To ensure maximum performance of the equipment, an Active Status Light feature that signifies the operating condition of the treadmill is added to this model. The status light will let the user know when service calls should be done for maintenance purposes.

Other Features

For entertainment purposes, Precor TRM 835 has an optional 15” Personal Viewing System (PVS) and wireless entertainment cap. It also has an elevation range of -3% – 15% for simulated downhill walking or running. Other accessories include an optional cable management and reading rack.

Precor TRM 835 Treadmill Review
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