Pro-Form 440 ES Commercial Recumbent Bike

Pro-form have taken training to new heights with the development of an exercise bike that not only performs and feels natural but is also as comfortable as can be. This makes training much more fun thanks to the Pro-Form 44o ES Commercial Recumbent Bike.

Put away the idea of a personal trainer because with this bike there is no need for one. It comes custom with up to 32 training apps at fingers length conveniently guiding you throughout your regime. Go ahead and pick one that best fits your level of training and progress to attain that well-chiselled physique that you need.

All the information is contained in the 5-inch display screen that is strategically angled to provide a large viewing area meaning that you are able to keep count of your training stats from a large degree of sitting position. With this enhanced system, keep track of your heart rate, speed, time, calorie burn and distance.

The Pro-Form 440 ES Commercial Recumbent Bike is truly an indoors training facility helping to save on space. With the front wheels that provide maximum manoeuvrability, you can easily move it from one position to the next with minimal effort.

It would not make for a very accommodating indoors bike if all it did is to make noise for the rest of your family members. The Pro-Form 440 ES Commercial Recumbent Bike features a dynamic Magnetic Resistance Technology that reduces sound to such minimal levels that you can still enjoy your TV and music while working out.

Convenience is what you get with this training bike. Keep yourself properly hydrated courtesy of the well positioned bottle holder. To give you the right posture, the seat is easily adjustable and has a lumbar support. Extra cushioning ensures you are always comfortable helping you to concentrate on the task at hand.

An indoors Bike needs to feel as natural as the outdoors bike and this is catered for in the design. With the crank system that provides a smooth cycling experience and a freewheel clutch, you will never notice the difference.

Without the wind blowing against your skin to help cool you of for maximum performance, it can get pretty hot, pretty quick. Luckily the Pro-Form 440 ES Commercial Recumbent Bike comes with a fan that provides two speed setting for adjusting intensity.

Listen to your favourite music while doing your workout thanks to the integrated smartphone and tablet holder. This bike just oozes getting in shape with an easy get on and off design. The pedals are created with a special non-slip design and come with straps to keep your feet securely in place.

having up to 25 levels of resistance training, you can be sure your body is destined to change for the better giving you added stamina and strength. Get your pro-Form 440 ES Recumbent Bike Today and watch your life transform.

Product Features

  • Large 5-inch display screen that is specially tilted to provide a large area of view
  • Easy get on and get off design
  • Magnetic resistance technology for max silence
  • Integrated smart phone and tablet holder helping you take your music with you when working out.
  • 32 training manuals eliminating the need for a trainer
  • Built in fan to keep cool
  • Water bottle slot to help keep you hydrated


  • Does the job it is intended to for conveniently
  • Excellent value for your money


  • The price may be a bit on the higher side for some people.
Pro-Form 440 ES Commercial Recumbent Bike
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