Pro-Form 740 ES Commercial Recumbent Bike

Introducing the most durable training bike from Pro-form, the 740 ES Commercial Recumbent Bike has all the features you can expect from a top notch indoors exercise bike. With this product, you can finally workout in style and comfort while having all the conveniences at arm’s length.

Featuring a 7-inch display that brings the internet to your regime, training has never been so much. You can access you tube, twitter, Facebook and any other social sites that you prefer. Stream music and videos as you develop a well-toned physique. To keep track of your training, simply swipe and view your heart rate, speed, calorie burn, distance and time.

The interactive display also comes with iFit technology making cycling even more fun. With google maps, you can cycle from any two points on the globe. From London to Manchester, or through Italy, the choice is yours.

Feeling like you would rather have your smartphone or tablet with you? The pro-form 740 ES commercial recumbent bike has this taken care of with the integrated phone holder. Listen to your favourite music or radio stations while you work on your hamstrings and quadriceps.

Exercising indoors should feel as natural as possible. This is now possible thanks to the well-designed flywheel that gives a smooth pedal rotation. All this while sitting in comfort on a large thickly cushioned seat with lumbar support. Your feet are held securely in place by the ergonomic pedals with straps ensuring that you will not need to worry about slippage.

An extra feature that makes the Pro-Form 740 ES Commercial Recumbent Bike the ultimate indoors space saving training equipment is the front wheels that make it easy to move from one location to the next with very little effort.

Easy to get on and off design is incorporated in the construction of this bike minimising the risk of injury and making its use as simple as can be. Keep cool and hydrated courtesy of bottle holder and CoolAireTM Workout Fan that simulates a natural outdoors experience of wind blowing on your body.

With 26 levels of resistance and 34 workout apps, you have all the training you require to reach your full potential without the need of a personal trainer. Gradually progress in your levels for that well-toned muscular physique giving you a product that provides great value for money.

Thanks to the Silent Resistance Technology you will never have to worry about noise. The ride is so silent that you and your family members can continue to watch favourite TV shows while doing your training.

Product features

  • 7-inch internet enabled display screen
  • iFitRCoach Ready Technology
  • integrated smart phone and tablet holder
  • water bottle holder
  • easy get on and off design
  • comfortable adjustable seat with lumbar
  • ergometric pedals with straps
  • 34 apps for working out
  • 25 levels of resistance
  • 350lbs maximum user capacity
  • Front wheels for easy movement
  • Flywheel for smooth, natural ride
  • EKG Grip Pulse sensors on handles.


  • Silent training
  • Easy to use
  • 34 training apps
  • 25 resistance levels allow for progressive training
  • Convenient water bottle holder helps keep you hydrated


  • Price may be high for some people
Pro-Form 740 ES Commercial Recumbent Bike
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