Working Out At Home Made Exciting With the Proform 550R Rower

Rowing is one of those exercises which provides a full body workout. Till almost a few years back, rowing machines were seen only in fitness clubs and local gyms. However, these days you will find such machines being used at homes, as well. It has been tested that rowing exercises can burn body fat faster than most other forms of exercises. This is why more and more people are seen buying rowing machines to stay fit and healthy. As a result of this increasing demand, you will find several types of rowing machines. Some are meant for professionals, some are meant for beginners, and some are meant for all.  In this article, we talk about the ProForm 550R Rower.

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ProForm 550R Rower – Features

One of the popular rowing machines at stores is the ProForm 550R Rower. It has several features, which are usually seen similar machines with a higher price tag. Some of these features have been discussed below.


  1. First of all, the machine has a maximum weight capacity of 250 pounds. If you think that you cannot use the machine due to your weight, then you may think again.
  2. The handlebars of the machine are ergonomically designed so that you do not feel uncomfortable while holding onto them for longer hours. These bars are also properly padded to provide ultimate comfort.
  3. The LCD display is also quite large and easy to read and understand. It provides various information pertaining to your workout such as distance covered, time spent on the machine, total calories burnt, and strokes per minute.
  4. The seat is oversized and come with steel rails. It is also ergonomically designed for the comfort of the user.
  5. The pedals come with adjustable straps so that different people can easily use the same machine.
  6. The best part of the machine is its ability to fold. You may easily fold it and put it away when not in use. This will save space at home and also help you keep it safely in one corner of your room.
  7. The ProForm 550R Rower comes with transportation wheels, which help you to move the machine easily around your house or room.
  8. This rowing machine also comes with inertia-enhanced flywheel to help you enjoy a smooth and soundless workout. This feature can also help you exercise when the rest of your house is asleep.

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The ProForm 550R Rower comes with a 5 years warranty for the frame and also a 90 days labor and parts warranty. It is needless to say that get your priorities right when you go out to buy a rowing machine. Decide upon the features you wish to use in your machine before you actually decide to buy one. Also, do remember to take good and periodic care of your machine so that it runs smoothly for several years to come. If you do not look after the machine it will fail to look after your health. Thus, timely servicing of any workout machine is a must to ensure longevity.

ProForm 550R Rower Review
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