Get Fit and Active With the ProForm Boston Marathon Treadmill

Nobody likes to lead a life full of health problems and joint aches. Some prefer to take the shortest route and go to a doctor to have various pills in order to overcome such issues. Others, love the longest approach to a solution and opt for daily workouts. It is needless to state that the second option has a permanent solution. Even if you find yourself busy most of the time and seldom get an opportunity to go to your gym, you may at least walk for a minimum of 30 minutes daily. This should be adequate enough to help you stay fit and active.  Here we take a look at the ProForm Boston Marathon Treadmill.

proform boston marathon treadmill

Wondering how to go out for a walk when you cannot even get the time to workout at the gym? The solution is very simple indeed. All you have to do is purchase a good quality treadmill, which you can use at home during your leisure time. Choices are aplenty when you talk about treadmills. However, one of the best in the market is the ProForm Boston Marathon Treadmill. It surely packs a punch in terms of features.

Useful Features of the Proform Boston Marathon Treadmill

  1. You get the actual Boston race course workouts in HD format with this machine. You can motivate yourself to reach higher goals by watching this video while you walk or run on the machine.
  2. The ProForm Boston Marathon Treadmill also comes with a 7-inch touchscreen display and the machine itself is compatible with iFit technology. You can actually use this technology to draw a route for your daily run on the touch screen display. It takes the help of Google Maps and simulates the entire path including the rise of hills and the dips of valleys.
  3. You may also use your home Wi-Fi with the machine to check emails, your Facebook account, and watch sports highlights on the 7-inch display.
  4. The ProForm Boston Marathon Treadmill comes with different levels of inclination from 6% to 20%. You can also control the inclination with the help of a button on the console.
  5. You may run at a maximum speed of 12 MPH on this treadmill and also control your speed at the click of a button.
  6. Are you feeling a bit low and wish to listen to your favorite songs during your workout routine? You may easily plug in your iPod or iPad with the treadmill and play your songs on the built-in speakers.
  7. This treadmill has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds.
  8. You need not worry about falling down from the machine while running, thanks to the 20 inch by 62-inch tread belt.
    proform boston marathon treadmill review

These are just a few of the various features of the ProForm Boston Marathon Treadmill. You also get a lifetime warranty on the motor and frame of the machine. All you need to ensure is a daily workout program on this machine. Use it sincerely and you will notice great results in your health soon enough.

ProForm Boston Marathon Treadmill Reviews
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