ProForm X-Bike Duo Exercise Bike

You know it’s a quality bike if it’s a ProForm indoor bicycle. This is an easy to assemble training bike that offers two main sitting positions. You can opt for a recumbent position or an upright one depending on the level of intensity that you prefer. For a more comfortable, laid back training the recumbent position is best helping to develop your leg muscles as you listen to your favorite music hits.

The ProForm X-Bike Duo Exercise Bike can be easily unboxed and assembled. Once the training is complete you can quickly fold it and store it in a small space making it great for saving on space.

Once you place your feet on the pedals, you are greeted with a large LCD screen that tracks your progress as well as your vitals. Keep count of your calorie burn, speed, distance, time and heart rate as you do your work out. You can also choose from a large range of training programs right three on the LCD screen.

When training most people prefer to be in a clutter free room especially when they are not at the gym. To keep this going for you, the Pro-Form X-Bike Duo exercise bike comes with a simple design that allows for easy folding.

The fly wheel is inertia enhanced enabling you to pedal easily and conveniently while having a highly efficient weight placement for that natural experience. You can select from up to 14 resistance levels helping you view your development with consistent training. The pedals come with straps that hold your feet securely preventing slippage during high intensity.

A great feature of this training bike is its ability to adjust to suit every user regardless of their height. The console can be rotated to the position that makes it easy for you to view.

Training regimes never have to be boring with the tablet and smartphone holder. You can now listen to music while pushing yourself for that well-toned look.

When you are finally done, the pro-form X-Bike Duo exercise bike makes it easy for you to store with its set of wheels that work best on interior surfaces.

Product features.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Transport wheels for convenient moving
  • Easy to fold and store thus saving on space
  • Two sitting positions
  • Large conveniently placed LCD screen to track your progress


  • Easily adjustable sitting position to cater for all sizes
  • Multi-functional LCD display allowing you to track your calories burn, speed, time and distance as well as your heat rate while also providing up to 14 training programs.

Buying Tip

Sometimes when you are out looking for a training bike, you might come across several with the features you are looking for. This might make it extra tricky to decide on one. Look for any additional features that set them apart from the rest and go with it.

These features may include a water bottle holder that comes in handy mainly because you will not have to stop exercising to hydrate. A fan keeps you cool when the going gets hot and some exercise bikes even have smart phone holders to allow you to listen to music during your workout.

If you love this bike but don’t have the money to buy it you can always opt for the lessor priced sibling called the ProForm X-Bike.

ProForm X-Bike Duo Review
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