prx profile single bar storagePRX Performance Single bar Storage – Store Your Barbells Away Safely

Finding enough time to go to the gym every day may not be possible for everyone. This is especially true for busy executives who always find themselves working in their offices. The best alternative is to turn one of your rooms at home into a mini gym. In that case, you won’t have to squeeze out time to work out and you won’t have to spend money on gym memberships. You can exercise whenever you get some leisure time at home. If you are planning to turn your garage or your spare room into a home gym, then you may have to invest on a number of workout machines and equipment.  Keeping it organized and out of the way is what PRX Performance specializes in and their PRX Profile Single Bar Storage.

prx profile single bar storage review

PRX Performance Single Bar Storage – Features and Benefitsprx performance profile single bar storage

Amongst the various exercise equipment and machines, one of the most necessary ones will be your barbells. These are long metallic bars with which you fix weight plates on either side to workout. You will find proper equipment in the market to store your weight plates away safely. However, have you ever wondered what to do with the barbells when not in use? Presenting the PRX Performance Single Bar Storage, which is a neat way to stack your barbells away.

  1. The PRX Performance Single Bar Storage is one of the best solutions to barbell storage problems. Although it allows only a single bar to be stores in each of these storage spaces, it is certainly not a bad option, considering the fact that you will obviously use one barbell at home.
  2. The width of the product is 5 inches, height is 5 inches and length is 12 inches. It also comes with lag screws so that you can easily screw it onto your wall and start using it. The size of the PRX Performance Single Bar Storage is not too big which means that you do not require a big space to install it.
  3. The PRX Performance Single Bar Storage is powder coated so that it can easily last for several years. This powder coat keeps it from catching rust and getting damaged. It is very simple and fast to install it.
  4. If you keep your barbells on the floor, it will make the room look untidy and disorganized. It may also result in an accident if you are not careful enough while moving about in the gym room. On the contrary, using the PRX Performance Single Bar Storage will help you store your barbells away safely and thus, clearing the floor space.

prx performance single bar storage reviewsThere are several types of barbell storage products available in the market. However, not all are equally popular in the market. If you wish to maintain an organized gym room and keep yourself safe from any type of accident, then it is always a good idea to buy a good quality barbell storage such as the PRX Performance Profile Single Bar Storage. It is affordable, efficient, easy to install, and does not require much maintenance. Do remember that this product allows you to store just one barbell at a time.

PRX Profile Single Bar Storage Review
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