10 Minute Rowing Workout USA Olympic Rower Gevvie Stone Swears By

Whenever you think about an Olympic athlete, you probably think about the number of hours spent at the gym. Well, in a way this is true for most of the athletes, but not so for Gevvie Stone. For those of you who do not know about her, she is basically an Olympic rower. Before becoming an Olympic rower, Gevvie was a medical student. She became a graduate on May 2014. However, as a student and as an athlete, life was certainly not easy for her. She had great difficulties adjusting her sleeping hours, thanks to her constant travelling schedules. Thankfully, her habit of dozing off in class paid off when she needed it the most.

Train Just Like a Rower Participating In the Olympics

Stone used to spend around 90 minutes to 100 minutes every morning for rows except on Sundays. This was obviously her morning schedule. During the afternoon sessions, she used to do rowing exercises again, except on Wednesdays. She used to work out on a spin bike on Wednesdays. In spite of her hectic workout sessions, Stone still managed to squeeze in weightlifting sessions on alternate days starting from Mondays. Sunday was especially for yoga. In total, she used to go through 16 strenuous workout sessions every week.

Food Habits

As far as foods were concerned, Gevvie Stone used to cook on her own. She was very particular about her food and ensured that it was as healthy and clean as she wanted it to be. According to her, she loves to consume vegetables and carbohydrates. Thus, according to her, it was too easy to become a pure vegetarian. However, due to her protein requirements, she had to consume adequate amount of meat daily. Due to her rigorous exercise routines, she could easily gorge in food without adding to her existing body weight.

The Secret to Rowing Properly
Gevvie Stone has never been to any boutique studios in her entire life. However, she simply loves to hear it all from friends, who use the rowing machine at the gym. According to Stone, as a first timer on the machine, the best way to workout is to keep an eye on the stroke row machine workoutrate. This shows on the top right of the screen. If you are trying to row at top speed then you are doing it all wrong. The primary aim should be to make the most out of every stroke you take. The best thing to do is to keep the stroke rate at 24 and speed up within that limit.

10-Minute Rowing Workout

As per Stone’s suggestions, a 10 minute rowing workout is ideal to get back in shape. It includes 4 minutes of workout at 24 stroke rate. Next is a 3 minute workout at 26 stroke rate. This is followed by a 2 minute workout at 28 stroke rate and then finally a 1 minute workout at 30 stroke rate. Do it regularly and sincerely and you will see great results within a few days.


10 Minute Rowing Machine Workout USA Olympic Rower Swears By
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