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Choosing a suitable bike is primarily dependent upon the type of biking you wish to do. If off-road biking is your passion and you find it adventurous to zip through dense forests or down a mountain trail, then a mountain bike is the best option. These bikes are designed to cope up with any type of rough biking. If you compare such a bike with a normal one, you will notice that these have a more upright and stouter frame. Sit on a mountain bike and you will notice that these also provide a better ground clearance in order to get over logs and rocks with ease. A good quality mountain bike is capable enough to take in plenty of stress without compromising on the comfort level of the rider.  Let’s check out the Schwinn Sidewinder in detail.

schwinn sidewinder

Schwinn Sidewinder Mountain Bike

If you wish to buy a mountain bike for your personal use, you will come across a wide array of such bikes in the market. Similarly, there are also several manufacturers of mountain bikes. One of the best and highly dependable bikes is the Schwinn Sidewinder Mountain Bike. It has several features which have contributed in its reputation as a good quality mountain bike.

Features of the Bike

  • The Schwinn Sidewinder Mountain Bike comes with a 26 inch wheel (also a 24 inch wheel option for kids) which helps a rider to see clearly right in front. This is especially helpful while passing through a terrain with large rocks in the path.
  • The bike boasts of a Schwinn steel mountain frame, which assures that it can roughly take on any terrain without showing any signs of damage.
  • The Schwinn suspension fork in the bike ensures that you enjoy a controlled and safe riding experience.
  • This Schwinn Sidewinder Mountain Bike also comes with 7 different gears. All you need to ensure that you use the right gear while riding through different terrains. 7 gears will also ensure that you do not lag behind others if you use the bike in any mountain biking competition.
  • The gears come with Shimano rear derailleur and Shimano Revo shifters. This ensures that the gears are shifted precisely and almost instantly without wasting much time.
  • The Schwinn Sidewinder Mountain Bike also has immaculately designed alloy linear pull brakes, which is rather helpful when you have to stop the bike instantly. This can help you avoid any mishaps while riding through rough terrains.

schwinn sidewinder review

Although mountain biking is a kind of sporting event, it is quite important that you choose the right mountain bike. Just looking at a picture of a mountain bike online and then purchasing it may not be sufficient. It is better if you test a bike before you actually decide to buy it. This way you can take a better judgement of the bike and also check to see if you are comfortable on the bike or not. After all, it is rather important for you to feel comfortable on a mountain bike while riding through a jungle or along a rocky terrain. Uncomfortable riding may lead to serious accidents, which are best avoided.

Schwinn Sidewinder Mountain Bike Review
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