sole sr500 rowerSole SR500 Rower 

It is needless to say that rowing is one of the best forms of exercises, which involves both your upper and lower bodies. This full body workout has a low impact on your different joints and is suitable for people of all ages and of any fitness levels. It works different parts of your body such as the abs, legs, core, as well as, the lower back. You can use a rowing machine at home and perform rowing workouts for the benefit of your health. There is no need to take some time out from your busy schedule to hit the gym daily. All you need is a rowing machine, which would help you achieve your health goals without a burning a hole in your pocket.  Below we help you on your journey to find a quality rowing machine with the Sole SR500 Rower Review.

sole sr500

Sole SR500 Rower Is Packed With Featuressole sr500 rower machine

  1. The Sole SR500 Rower Machine features an ultra-smooth magnetic and air resistance motion. This helps users get the feel of rowing on water.
  2. It has a long aluminum rail, which can easily accommodate different users of different heights.
  3. The machine can also be folded, which makes it very useful for home purposes. You can easily keep it away out of sight when you do not wish to use the machine for the day.
  4. The Sole SR500 comes with a 2 colored LCD display, which shows vital information such as the total calories burnt during your workout routine, time spent on the machine, distance covered, and your heart rate.
  5. You will enjoy a high sitting position on the Sole SR500 Rowing Machine, which will also allow you to get on and off the machine without much of an effort.
  6. The machine structure is such that it does not budge an inch even if a fat person uses it for his workout routines.
  7. It is very simple to assemble the machine when you initially buy it. You do not need anybody’s help for assembly.
  8. Sole SR500 Rower has several preset workout programs, which includes a manual mode and a recovery mode. It also comes with different levels of resistance, so that you can use it for a long time.sole sr500 rower review

sole sr500 reviewsYou may think that the Sole SR500 Rower Machine is meant for commercial purposes, if you take a look at the picture of the machine. Although it may look a bit big for personal use, you can easily fold it and keep it at a safe place when not in use. Rowing is not just meant for mid aged people or athletes. All your family members can easily use the machine for their benefit. It may so happen that you may feel the urge to compare the Sole SR500 Rower with other types of rowing machines in the market. This is definitely a good way to judge whether the machine is good enough to fulfill your requirements or you need another type of rowing machine. In fact, it would be a good idea to take along a friend with you, who has proper knowledge about rowing machines.

Sole SR500 Rower Review
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