Soozier Rowing Machine for Smooth Rowing Action

Soozier is a brand known for their inversion tables, and among their product line are mid-range fitness accessories and fitness equipment including bikes and elliptical trainers. One of their less popular and oddly named machines is the Soozier Glider Rower. If you’re familiar with the 1940s rowers, you can identify the Glider with these models, only it’s made of steel.

Note that the Soozier Glider Rower costs less than a hundred dollars and is basically made for people looking for a budget rower thay can use at home. As with other budget rowers, it would help to manage your expectations regarding the Glider Rower’s seat design and comfortability, frame make, built and sturdiness, resistance levels and console/monitor so you’d be able to fully assess if the machine would suit not just your budget but also your need.

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If you plan on doing  20-minute or shorter rowing sessions, the Glider Rower may be an option for you but if you’re looking at doing longer sessions, you may need something with well-padded seats to avoid avoid discomfort when rowing and once you get off the machine. You should also check the seat height to be sure you won’t have a hard time getting on and off it. The Glider’s seat height is also quite low and this may be a consideration especially if you plan to do long sessions.

Resistance level is another thing you should consider when looking for a low- or mid-range rower. It’s important in keeping the user interested and in the effectiveness of the workout. The Glider Rower utilizes hydraulic resistance, which is good for about 15-20 minutes of workout sessions.

The Glider Rower has a frame made of steel. It has a maximum user weight capacity of 330 lbs. If you have limited workout space and storage area at home, you may need to check the machine’s dimensions if it would fit in your space since the machine doesn’t have a fold and store mechanism. Note also that the Glider doesn’t have transport wheels so if you’ll need to move the machine from one point to another before and after you do your rowing sessions, you’ll need to take its size, shape, and transportability into consideration.

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It’s quite easy to change the machine’s resistance level to suit your training need or preference. Simply move the handle, which is where you’ll also find the piston and you’ll be able to adjust the level of resistance. It also has large foot plates with straps to secure your feet when rowing.

The Soozier Glider Rower’s console and monitor displays basic workout data such as the amount of calories burned, time elapsed, and the number of strokes made. If you have limited space at home, you may store it in an upright position when you’re not using the machine so you can use your space for other purposes. For a beginner with limited budget and basic workout needs, this machine can be an option.


Soozier Rowing Machine for Smooth Rowing Action
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