Sports For Weight Loss – Fun And Exciting Ways To Shed Those Unwanted Pounds

It’s true that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Technology and modern medicine have solved many medical mysteries. Diseases that were once considered as incurable can be cured today with just a jab of a needle. But modern lifestyle has given birth to new life-threatening ailments. Problems such as stress, fatigue, and obesity, if not treated, invite fatal ailments that include cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure, stroke, etc.

The World Wide Web is flooded with diet plans, fitness programs, and weight loss techniques. Most people don’t join a weight loss program until they exhaust all the other options, and by that time, the issue becomes too big to handle. Perhaps the best way to reduce weight is to link it with sports. Participating in sports is fun. It’s also an entertaining way to shed some pounds. In this blog, we’ll share with you the best sports for weight loss.

Pull Up Bars


Ask any fitness expert to name one sport that has the most impact on weight; the answer would be quick and sharp – Swimming. This wonderful sport uses every muscle in the body to push you from point A to B in water. Swimming is an effortless technique to melt excess fat in the body. This low impact, high result activity can burn up to 900 calories in an hour.

Other than weight loss, swimming offers many health benefits such as improvement in flexibility, posture, muscle strength, cardiovascular health, etc. Swimming is also known to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Different swimming strokes exercise different muscle groups. It’s best to start with simple strokes and then learn your way to breaststroke, butterfly stroke, underwater dolphin kick, etc.


Cycling is a simple, fun, and easy way to exercise your cardiovascular muscles. Peddling for an hour can burn as much as 500 calories, strengthen your quads, glutes, and hamstring muscles, and improve the cardiovascular health.

Cycling is very relaxing and sociable way of losing weight. You can ride with friends, go on sightseeing trips, and even make new friends. Cycling your way to shape is much better than sweating it out in a gym. As cycling is also a sport you can have friendly cycling matches with friends to motivate you to shed weight.


Like swimming, the sport of rowing gives a full body workout. Every major muscle group is involved in the process of rowing. The benefit of rowing increases with intensity. The harder and longer you row, the more calories you burn. On average, an hour of vigorous rowing can burn a little more than 800 calories.

According to health experts, rowing machines, which are a good alternative to actual boat rowing, are ideal weight loss equipment because they are affordable, employ low impact, high result technique, improve endurance, strengthen muscles, increase cardiovascular health, and burn huge amounts of calories.

Jogging & Running

Running is a key component in many major sports and it’s an excellent weight loss sport as well. You don’t need a pool, court, ground or equipment for this sport. All you need is a decent pair of shoes. Running helps shed the body fat by increasing the metabolic rate and tapping into the stored excesses fat deposits. Study data show that an hour of running or jogging can burn around 550 calories.

Regular jogging and running are known to offer both physical and psychological benefits, including, increase in confidence, improved energy levels, strengthening of bones, healthy immune system, reduction in stress and depression, improvement in mood, muscle development and maintenance, improvement in cardiovascular health, and enhanced respiratory function.

Pull Up Bars

Power/Speed Walking

Power or speed walking is the toned down version of running. Doctors, without exception, will recommend power walking for weight loss and a healthy life. Some experts feel power walking is better than running because there is less risk of knee and joint pain. Power walking is a low impact aerobic activity that will take some time to bear fruit, but in the long run, power walking will definitely yield strong and lasting results.

Sports For Weight Loss – Fun And Exciting Ways To Shed Those Unwanted Pounds
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