Stealth Core Trainer – A Great Way to Get Lean Abs and a Strong Back


Stealth Core Trainer – A Great Way to Get Lean Abs and a Strong Back

When you work for long hours in front of the computer or often spend time sitting on your couch at home, it tends to hamper your normal body position. This results due to your back muscles getting weak. If you do not try and improve your posture soon enough, it may give rise to several physical problems in the long run. One of the best ways to strengthen your back muscles and also get lean ripped abs is to do planks. However, it is also true that doing long hours of planks can often get very boring. If you can watch a movie on your mobile phone or play video games while doing planks, it will help to get rid of the boredom.

Stealth Core Trainer

Planks can be made very interesting and engaging by using the Stealth Core Trainer. This new age workout equipment helps you to do your planks by placing your mobile phone on the board. You can easily watch movies or even play games on your handheld by doing planks at the same time.

  1. With the help of the Stealth Core Trainer you can easily turn your boring plank workout sessions into a highly interesting one. It is designed in such a way that you can easily play games on it. It comes with a proprietary design with a 360 degree full range motion for dynamic planking.
  2. You can enjoy a stronger and healthier back in less than 3 minutes every day. The core strength of your body is utilized by the Stealth Core Trainer to control the actions on your handheld. This, in turn, makes boring workouts such as planks very interesting both for your brain and muscles.
  3. The Stealth Core Trainer comes with a specially designed spot on the board where you can easily place your mobile phone and use it to play games while exercising on the board itself.
  4. The product has been designed to target 29 core muscles to help you enjoy a stronger core that will help you in several ways and also make you look leaner and fitter than ever before.
  5. The Stealth Core Trainer can easily support a maximum user weight of 250 pounds and comes with a polyurethane support pad. It also features a durable ABS polymer base for added comfort.

There are various types of workout machines and equipment available in the market. If you are not too sure about what you want, then you can easily get confused. It is true that planks can get very boring if done for longer hours and more than once. A little bit of fun and enjoyment during your workout sessions will do you no harm at all. It will help you remain more energized both mentally and physically and also help you enjoy your exercises. It is often seen that once you lose your interest in your workouts, your body stops to get the benefits like before. This will mean wasting your time without getting anything in return.

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