sunny health & fitness indoor cycle trainerSunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Trainer

Cycling is one of the simplest forms of exercises and helps improve your health over a period of time. Experts say that if you are unable to get enough time to take good care of your health, you should at least use a cycle for around 30 minutes every day. This will not just help your health, it will also relax your mind and get rid of all your stress. Since setting up personal gyms at home has become quite popular in recent times, you will find various types of workout machines available at any fitness store. One of the most popular type is the indoor cycle trainer. These also come in different varieties. This is why choosing the right one takes longer than you may ever expect.  In this article we dive into the Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Trainer.

Sunny health & fitness sf-b1203 indoor cycle trainer

A Few Specifications of the Sunny Health Indoor Cycle Trainersunny health and fitness indoor cycle trainer

Amongst the several manufacturers of indoor cycles, Sunny Health and Fitness is a popular name. However, the company is basically an importer and distributor of fitness equipment and has been in this business for many years. One of its popular product is the Sunny Health Indoor Cycle Trainer. Some of the important features of this machine have been discussed below.

  1. This conveniently designed indoor cycle provides top class comfort during your workout routine on the machine.
  2. The resistance of the cycle is quite adjustable allowing you to alter it as per your need.
  3. The total weight capacity of the machine is 240 pounds, which means that overweight people can also cycle on this fitness equipment.
  4. The frame of the indoor cycle is made of heavy duty steel, which makes the machine quite stable and sturdy. Even if you work out at top speeds, the cycle will amaze you with its stability.
  5. The seat of the cycle is adjustable as well, and the flywheel of the bike weighs 22 pounds.

The Right Technique to Use an Indoor Cyclesunny health & fitness indoor cycle trainer review

Although cycling is one of the simplest forms of workout, still many people do not know that there is a technique to follow while cycling. Simple mistakes can make your cycling sessions quite ineffective. Some of the proper techniques to follow during your cycling workout sessions have been mentioned below.

  1. The Way You Grip the Handlebars: Many a times, you will notice that people grip the handlebars of their indoor cycles very tightly. As a result of this, a majority of your body weight falls on the handlebars. This may also give rise to unnecessary tension on your back and shoulders. The ideal way to hold the bars is very lightly and to sit with your hips back instead of leaning forward.
  2. The Height of The Seat: Most of the users either keep the cycle seat at a very high or a very low position. The latter will prevent you from extending your legs properly and reduce the power from your pedal strokes. On the other hand, a very high seat position will make your hips rock in a forward and backward motion in order to help you reach the bottom of every pedal stroke. This may also injury your groin region. The best way to get the indoor cycle seat to a perfect height is stand next to the cycle. Hold the palm of your hand next to your hipbone parallel to the ground. If the seat is in line with your palm, it is the best position to work out on the cycle.
  3. The Position of The Handlebars: Most of the times you will notice that the handlebars of an indoor cycle is way higher than the seat. This is not the right way to work out on the machine. Always ensure that the bars are in line with the seat. Handlebars in line with the height of the seat will make you lean a bit forward, which will help to stabilize your upper body.
  4. Your Knees Grazing The Emergency Brake: The ideal position of your hips while cycling is over the seat. If your hips are way forward, your knees will invariably graze the emergency brake. Get off the saddle and try to keep your hips in the closest possible position to the seat. However, if you notice that your knees graze only when you are seated, then the position of the seat is very close to the handlebars. The best way out is to slide the seat backwards a bit.
  5. Swaying From Side To Side While Pedaling: You may listen to some awesome music while working out on your indoor bike, which may even make you sway from side to side. However, do not forget that swaying can play havoc with your balance, which may even force you to hold on to the bars more tightly. The best solution is to try and keep your hips on the seat and not to sway much.
  6. Leaning Forward While Pedaling: Many of you may think that cycling does not involve your abs. As a result of this, you may lean forward to put more stress on your abs. In the process you often forget about the core. It is important for you to remember that the core of your body plays a crucial role in indoor cycling. Thus, the best way to sit on the seat while pedaling is to position your spine to its entire length and put your shoulders back.Sunny health and fitness indoor cycle trainer reviews

Many of you may think that cycling does not help your health much. On the contrary, you need to cycle every day for around 30-60 minutes in order to witness visible improvements to your health. Since there are several varieties in indoor cycles, you need time in order to choose the right model as per your requirement. If you take a rash decision and end up choosing an unsuitable model, you will not get the most from your workouts. Since it is your hard earned money involved in the purchase, better be careful and do some research work before going to the stores to buy the right indoor bike.

Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Trainer Review
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