Sunny Health & Fitness 12 Level Resistance Rower Review

The Sunny Health & Fitness 12 Level Resistance Rower is one of the most advanced alternatives in its niche. Since most of Sunny`s rowers come with either air resistance or 8 levels of resistance, the rower will be among the top choices for workout versatility. One of the most interesting facts about the rower comes with its independent resistance system. This means each arm will have its own independent resistance, making the machine one of the most unique in the manufacturer`s range. With 12 levels of resistance, it is one of the most fine-tuned options on the market as well.

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  • Independent resistance for each arm
  • Digital display for basic workout data
  • 12 resistance levels


  • No foldable design


The rower comes with a unique approach to resistance. Its independent systems mean you`ll be able to control the resistance for each arm. This might come in handy for the advanced user who needs the extra freedom to work either both arms together or intermittently.

The 12 resistance levels will offer you a unique approach to cardio workouts. They will provide a solid base for any type of workouts. You can even alternate the resistance levels. There are studies showing that alternating resistance training can be the key to either losing weight or building muscle. Since the multiple resistance levels are individual, the rower can be a good option for people looking to lose weight. For this goal, you can set the rower for a lower difficulty level to row for larger distances. Towards the end of each workout you can increase the difficulty level to simulate real-life conditions.

To achieve your fitness goals you can even use the monitor so see your progress with indicators such as time, distance and burnt calories.

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The design of the rower will set it apart from the competition. The individual resistance for each arm means the rower will look more futuristic when compared to the traditional machines. But the design doesn`t only have aesthetic results as the machine is lighter than most similar models. With only 35lbs, the rower is perfect for home use and easy transportation. You can even set it in a different room for each workout to animate rowing sessions and to keep working towards your fitness goal. The comfort is ensured by the cushioned seat while the stability is ensured by the large foot pedals.

The Sunny Health & Fitness 12 Level Resistance Rower provides a complete workout for people looking to lose weight. With its independent resistance levels, it seems to be among the best choices for workout variation. And since there are no heavy technologies, the rower provides an easy frame which can be moved around the house according to your needs. The rowing experience is enchanted through the cushioned seat and the digital display. The monitor is essential for fitness progress as it tracks some basic information such as time or calories. The rower is among the top choices for lightweight home cardio equipment.

Sunny Health & Fitness 12 Level Resistance Rower Review
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