Sunny Health & Fitness Air Magnetic Rower Review

The Sunny Health & Fitness Air Magnetic Rower uses air resistance. The technology allows for one of the smoothest rowing experiences which replicate real rowing to an extended degree. The air resistance allows for an increased difficulty as the effort increases. In addition to this simple principle, the manufacturer added magnetic resistance to establish 8 settings for different levels. This way you can enjoy 2 resistance technologies in a single machine. The rower can be a good option for people looking to experience the smooth air rowing with the challenging 8 magnetic resistance levels.

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  • Air resistance and magnetic resistance
  • Digital Monitor
  • Extra-large pedals


  • No foldable design


The rower manages to provide a solid experience with its combined technologies. The air rowing resistance is perfect for longer training sessions which can benefit the users both in term of smoothness and in terms of resemblance to actual rowing. Air resistance uses simple principles which find the user defining the experience. This means the harder you row the more resistance you will encounter. This makes air resistance close to actual rowing and can provide a unique experience which is set according to each rower.

The magnetic resistance comes with a more mathematical approach. There are 8 resistance levels which will dictate the pace of your rowing experience. This means you can use the settings to test your fitness capabilities. You can even switch between these levels easily with a simple turn of a knob.

Both resistance levels can be monitored in terms of performance. The built-in monitor can read data such as calories, count or time. But the display can also monitor all of these readings together using the Scan Mode. This can be a good alternative for users looking to track the overall progress with every training session.

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The design of the rower is not spectacular but it does its job very well. It is built for the power user and this is why it does not come with a foldable design. But since the rower is solidly built with air and magnetic technologies it can be an option for both home and commercial use. Home users will enjoy the comfort of the padded seat and the anti-slip handlebar. Commercial users might enjoy the over-sized pedals which can secure your feet providing the simplest and most effective platform for high-intensity training.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Air Magnetic Rower uses a combination of technologies on a simple and durable frame. Although it lacks some functionalities which could make it perfect for home users like the foldable frame, it does come with the added air resistance. This gives it a smooth rowing experience besides the magnetic resistance which has 8 difficulty settings. The rower comes with decent comfort and stability. This is ensured through the padded seat and the large foot pedals. Since it uses two technologies, the rower might be a good option for the dedicated user who also needs some basic workout data monitoring.

Sunny Health & Fitness Air Magnetic Rower Review
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