Sunny Health & Fitness Air Rowing Machine Review

The Sunny Health & Fitness Air Rowing Machine comes with a combination of technologies. It uses air resistance but also magnetic resistance. There are 8 magnetic resistance levels to choose from with the rower. But the air system provides increased resistance as the effort increases and provides a natural rowing experience which is desired by advanced users. The rower has a user capacity of 220 lbs and can be a good choice for the home users who needs a smooth rowing experience with the added benefit of magnetic choices for maximum versatility.

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  • Air resistance
  • 8 levels of magnetic resistance
  • Digital monitor for calories, time or strokes per minute
  • Continuous scan mode to monitor all data
  • Foldable design for simple storage solutions


  • Previous generation display


The Sunny Health & Fitness Rowing Machine uses a combination of resistance technologies. The air resistance adds variation and increases with the effort while the magnetic resistance offers 8 settings for the advanced workout variation. Air resistance has been hailed as one of the smoothest experiences in the rowing world even with many professional athletes.

These two technologies are monitored through the digital display. The monitor tracks some basic data such as the time and strokes per minute. But the monitor can also track the calories you burn with each training session which can be a good tool for anyone looking to lose weight. You can choose to monitor these indicators individually or you can choose to run the Scan Mode which will monitor all the indicators together.

The performance of the rower is further enhanced by its construction which is geared towards the increased resistance levels. This is possible through the anti-pivoting pedals with adjustable straps. These types of pedals are also great to reduce pressure on the joints, especially with the higher resistance settings.

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The rower comes with a foldable design which has been the staple in the industry when it comes to home storage. You no longer need to have a dedicated space for the rower as you can store it away and only unfold it when you are actually working out. This is even easier to achieve with the integrated wheels as you can easily move the rower from room to room.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Air Rowing Machine is a complete home cardio machine. It combines two popular resistance systems to offer a smooth experience which will be appreciated by users of all levels. The rower can also monitor some basic information which can be used as guidance to reach your full fitness potential. With a padded seat and a non-slip grip handlebar, the rower is comfortable to use for longer workouts. This provides the perfect base for fat loss or muscle toning for the whole body. As with many designs at this level, the only downside comes with the old-school display. But if this is not an important feature for you, there are many benefits to using such a complete rower.

Sunny Health & Fitness Air Rowing Machine Review
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