Sunny Health & Fitness Dual Function Magnetic Rowing Machine Review

The Sunny Health & Fitness Dual Function Magnetic Rowing Machine comes with dual functions. It can work both as a standard rowing machine but as an upright rower also. This means you can train from an upright position activating and toning your biceps and shoulders. The rower uses magnetic resistance which comes with 8 difficulty levels. It can work both for the amateur and the advanced user. As all Sunny Health & Fitness rowers, it comes with a digital display to keep an eye on basic indicators such as time or burnt calories.

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  • Dual function for horizontal and vertical movements
  • Magnetic resistance
  • Foldable design


  • No added air resistance


The rower works well for any home environment. With a total weight of 90lbs it is not too heavy to be moved around the house. It can be a solution for people looking to train in different rooms since it comes with built-in transportation wheels. You can even take it on the deck for an outdoor workout on the sunny days.

The rower works using magnetic resistance which puts the users in the position to select from 8 difficulty settings. The adjustable levels can be switched up or down with the analog knob which will set the tension control. The rower also comes with a display monitor who shows data such as calories, time or strokes count.

Although it doesn`t show your heart beat, the display can still be a useful tool to help you reach your fitness goals. You can use the display to note your performances which each workout or set a specific number of calories to burn with each session. The monitor can also help you count the strokes. You can also monitor your pace with the strokes per minute function. All of these indicators can be monitor together when you use the Scan Mode. These functions will track all the basic information about your workout.

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The rower comes with a foldable design. It is made for the home user which needs space-saving solutions. And since there is limited space in each home, it might be a good idea to maximize your effort with the upright exercises. The rower gives you the ability to engage your shoulders and biceps with vertical movements which can be considered an added benefit to what already is a complete machine.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Dual Function Magnetic Rowing Machine is among the most versatile options for home use. Since it comes with a foldable design it gives you the ability to store it in a corner away from the high-traffic areas around the house. It can also be a complete machine which allows a full-body workout with its upright use. The rower is helpful for people looking to lose weight without spending too much on different machines. Since it provides a full-body workout it can be more than enough for most users in need of daily cardio workouts.

Sunny Health & Fitness Dual Function Magnetic Rowing Machine Review
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