Tanita Innerscan BC533 – A Feature Rich Body Composition Monitor

There was a time when people used to lead an active lifestyle. In these modern times, you will mostly find people leading a sedentary lifestyle. Whether you talk about a busy executive or a student or any other person, sitting in one place and doing all the work has become the primary aim for all. The best way to beat this lifestyle is to exercise every day. Many of you probably start with a fitness routine with total dedication. However, after a few weeks most of you start looking for excuses to avoid your daily workouts. The reason is probably lack of proper motivation. If you get motivated from time to time, you will surely feel the urge to move on with your fitness goals.  Tracking your fitness goals is a challenge unless you have tool like the Tanita Innerscan BC533.

Tanita Innerscan BC533 – Features

Most of you may have heard about a body fat scale. These look just like any other weighing machine in the market. However, the only difference is that these can do much more than a weighing machine. A body fat scale can give a detailed analysis of your body to help you get an idea where you stand in terms of fitness. There are several types of such scales at stores. However, an affordable and feature rich scale would be the Tanita Innerscan BC533.

  1. Unlike most of the body fat scales in the market, the Tanita Innerscan BC533 can measure up to 9 different body compositions, which include body fat percentage, bone mass, visceral fat, water content in the body, physique rating score, muscle mass, and metabolic age score to name a few.
  2. The Tanita Innerscan BC533 can retain the data of a maximum of 4 different users at a time. This means that the machine is aptly suited for a small family. Whenever needed, you can easily retrieve the data pertaining to your own body.
  3. Once you successfully store your own data, you can also compare it with the data of others from a similar age group. This will help you get an idea about your own fitness level and how much you need to go ahead to achieve your goal.
  4. A harmless amount of electrical signal is passed through your body by the Tanita Innerscan BC533 to get all the necessary information for its readings. However, it is highly advisable for people with pacemakers in their hearts and pregnant women not to use this machine.
  5. Tanita BC533 comes with separate adult and child mode to let the device give more accurate readings. It can safely withstand a maximum user weight of 330 pounds.

Whenever you use a body fat scale, it is always advisable to put it on a flat solid surface. It is also a good idea to wear any footwear before you step on the machine. This helps the Tanita Innerscan BC533 to give better and more accurate readings. In this fast paced world, if you can keep a body fat scale with you at home, it can act as a great source of motivation to help you carry on with your fitness goals.

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