Taylor Glass and Chrome Digital Scale Review

The Taylor Glass and Chrome Digital Scale features a modern design which is based on a durable glass construction and a chrome base. The product is perfect for any environment as it comes with a minimalistic design which can work in any home or commercial use. The scale comes with an easy to read LCD display which is based on the 1.2 inch design. The functions of the scale allow you to use it in various settings and can prove to be great for any situations. One advanced features comes with the instant ON design which prompts the scale and reading once you step on it.

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  • Modern design which can fit any home
  • Automatic ON function
  • 2 inch LCD display
  • 400 pound capacity


  • Needs quality batteries


The scale can represent an affordable option for the whole family. If you need a scale that performs solidly without too many complicated features, you might find the performance is exactly what you need.

With a 400 pounds capacity, the scale can be used by most people with ease. If you plan to use it in recovery centers for obesity treatment, than you would have to look for alternatives. But for most people, the scale represents a good home use option.

In terms of data display, you will get a 1.2 inch LCD screen which will show you the readings in a simple and effective design. You can use the display to measure your weight and this is why, in theory, you should enjoy a long battery life. But some users encountered issues with the battery life for daily readings. If you want to use the scale on a daily basis for a few months, you will need quality batteries.


The scale comes with one of the most attractive designs at this price range. Its modern shape and the combination of glass and chrome make it one of the best looking options for home use. Since you might be wondering which type of scale works best for a bathroom, the truth is that you don`t need a complicated design. You only need a basic design which can display the reading even in a humid environment. And the scale does this very well.

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The Taylor Glass and Chrome Digital Scale comes with a simple design and technology which can work for most people. If you don`t need advanced features to show your body composition, the scale can work great to provide daily readings. It can be a good foundation for your weight loss efforts and it can also be a great looking design element in your home.

If you`re looking for a scale which can work for your family members as well, you should be able to enjoy the Taylor Glass and Chrome Digital Scale with users of up to 400 pounds. With an automatic ON function and long life with good batteries, the scale can represent a good option for the modern users with no time or advanced readings.

Taylor Glass and Chrome Digital Scale Review
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