Taylor Precision Products Body Fat and Body Water Scale Review

The Taylor Precision Products Body Fat and Body Water Scale comes with a modern design which is perfect for any household. It uses a combination of metal and plastic to deliver one of the best experiences in terms of design as it can easily be integrated into most bathrooms. As you will be using it t home, it will, most likely, measure the weight of more family members. This is why it comes with a weight capacity of 350 pounds, which is around the market average.

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  • Modern design to it most bathrooms
  • 350 pounds user capacity
  • Measures fat and water composition
  • Up to 4 users profiles


  • Needs perfectly flat base surface


With and modern design and built-in advanced features, the scale represents one of the best options or those looking for more than a basic product. If you want to measure body fat and body water, you are, most likely, taking your health seriously. This is why you should make the most out of the performance of the scale.

To measure your weight, you only need to step on the scale to get a reading on the 1.4 inch display. But the good news is that the features of the scale don`t end here. You can measure the boy at levels which can prove to be a good tool in your weight loss efforts. If you want to improve your cardiovascular health, you know that this is only possible by reducing body fat and increasing the physical effort. This is where the scale can prove to be a solid addition.

But you can also measure your water percentage. This feature is one of the best advanced functions which define your body`s ability to normalize the water percentage.

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In terms of design, you can expect a modern scale with metallic-like plastic inserts which act to support the sensors for the body fat and water readings. The good news is that the modern design is perfect for most homes. You can place the scale in the bathroom regardless of the design of your home. With a see-through design, you will get an up to date look which works even in high humidity as is the case with bathrooms.

The Taylor Precision Products Body Fat and Body Water Scale represents one of the best options for long term use. Since it can indicate your weight, water level and even the body fat, it is a scale which can be considered a good base for your fitness goals. For the most accurate readings, you will need a perfectly flat surface which can minimize variations and errors. You will also need powerful batteries which can power the sensors for the advanced readings.

With a good performance on advanced features and a modern design, the scale represents one of the best choices for your fitness goals with an affordable cost. With 4 user profiles, the scale can work for the whole family.

Taylor Precision Products Body Fat and Body Water Scale Review
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