Taylor Precision Products Bowflex Body Water and Body Fat Scale Review

The Taylor Precision Products Bowflex Body Water and Body Fat Scale comes with recommended settings for the average and or the athlete user. The scale has a modern design which can be accommodated in most households, even in the bathroom. The good news is that the device is capable of measuring all of your major fitness indicators such as muscle mass, body fat and water retention. It has the settings which allow you to see the fitness progress you want by keeping track of all essential health factors.

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  • High precision measurements
  • Scans body fat, muscle mass, weight and water percentage
  • Profiles for 4 users


  • Needs good batteries and flat surface for accurate readings


The performance of the scale is impressive for the dedicated user. Although it doesn`t come with amazing connectivity, the device is perfectly capable of measuring of your essential body indicators. Thus you can start by measuring your weight. This can be a stepping stone for complex fitness goals but it can also be a tool or weight loss efforts. This function can be correlated with the water reading function.

Water weight represents a highly debated topic, this is why ensuring you accurately measure your weight without the water surplus is essential. This is also one of the reasons so many people get different readings. This is why you should measure yourself first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach. This way, you control most of the variables.

The scale also comes with muscle mass readings. This can prove to be a good tool for aging people who are fighting muscle loss. But it can also provide fantastic insight for those who want to gain muscles. The body fat readings can also prove to be a great addition or people looking to lower cholesterol and maintain a healthy circulatory system.

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With a modern design and a dual LCD display, the scale represents one of the best options for home use. But it can also work in commercial gyms as it comes with a 400 pounds weight capacity which can accommodate most users. The scale comes with a simple black finish which recommends it for modern bathrooms. But since black is so versatile, it can be used in any type of environment.

The Taylor Precision Products Bowflex Body Water and Body Fat Scale is one of the advanced scales in this range. Taylor Precision recommends the product for a wide range of readings. These readings start from the basic weight measurement but they also work for water levels and even muscle mass. The good news is that all of these readings are made with impressive 0.1% accuracy. However, you will have to follow some simple steps to maintain this accuracy. You will need to measure yourself in the morning on a flat surface. You will also need good batteries which can power the sensors in the scale. You will then be able to create a clearer picture on your basic body indicators.

Taylor Precision Products Bowflex Body Water and Body Fat Scale Review
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