Taylor Precision Products Digital Body Fat Analyzer Scale Review

The Taylor Precision Products Digital Body Fat Analyzer Scale comes with a futuristic design which can suit any home or commercial environment. The modern look can also support all types of users with weights of up to 400lbs. This makes the scale slightly stronger than the market average and can recommend it for the whole family. The scale also impresses with the dual LCD display which ensures easy to read measurements.

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  • Increased 400lbs weight capacity
  • Dual LCD display for complex readings
  • Measures body fat and water percentage
  • Measures muscle mass with impressive accuracy


  • Requires strong batteries


The scale comes with an impressive performance in this range. It looks impressive but it also performs very well. This is why a good scale can represent a solid option for your fitness progress. Whether you are looking to lose, gain or maintain your weight, the scale will offer advanced readings which might prove to be the best solution to track your progress.

One of the basic measurements comes with the weight reading. However, the scale can also measure your body fat percentage. Body fat plays an essential role in your health. It is an indicator which can have a major role on your fitness journey and people with a lower percentage tend to have a better metabolism. The scale can also work to measure the water in your body. Water retention can be a problem, especially as we age. This is why you should try to promote a healthy water level with good hydration and this is not possible without accurate readings.

If you want to develop your muscle mass and toning, you can use the dedicated function of the scale. This will help you create a better understanding on what you should look for and it will give you an indication on your physical activity levels and how you need to further adjust to reach your goals.

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The modern design of the scale represents one of its best features. Since it comes with a simple look it can be easily place in any environment. You can use it at home in the bathroom. But since it comes with advanced readings, you can also use it in a commercial environment such as a gym. With an improved, 400bs, weight capacity, the scale can represent a solid option for the whole family. With a large LCD display, the design of the scale is perfect for any type of user.

The Taylor Precision Products Digital Body Fat Analyzer Scale represents a complete option for home or commercial use such as with small gyms. Since it comes with a durable construction, it can be considered a good option for multiple users. The dual LCD display is one of the best additions for users who prefer an easy to use scale. The advanced measurements of the scale recommend it for the ultimate fitness goal tracker. With muscle mass measurements, the scale can represent a good option for those looking to lose and gain weight.

Taylor Precision Products Digital Body Fat Analyzer Scale Review
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