The Fitbit Alta

It looks like most fitness tracking wristbands that are currently available in the market are suffering from identity crises. They come fitted with so many features and functions it becomes hard to pinpoint their basic function and primary purpose. You won’t have to face that issue with the Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker.

The Fitbit Alta is more than a handy fitness tracker. It’s designed to look stylish and feel comfortable on the wrist. It doesn’t have the most advanced features, but it performs the basic tracking functions well. Another mention-worthy point of the Fitbit Alta is the usability.

People who are new to the fitness tracking arena have little use for the advanced functions. They’ll be only paying extra for all the features they don’t need. Instead, they can choose Fitbit Alta that is very easy to use. It can be a great starting point for anyone wanting to keep track of all their fitness activities.

The Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker – Specifications and Features

Design and Construction: In Alta, Fitbit has persisted with the wristband design that has worked for it so well. Like its other products, the Fitbit Alta has a rubberized strap that wraps around the wrist. The wrist strap that holds the main gadget can be changed to suit your color preference. Users can choose from multiple color options including teal, plum, blue, and black. At two opposite ends of the tracker, there are clips that securely attach to the strap. The rubber strap can also be replaced with a metal or leather strap.

Display: Compared to some earlier models, the Fitbit Alta has a larger OLED screen that can display more information. The display format can be changed to either landscape or portrait depending on your preference. On the screen, you’ll see the time, date, and day. To view the data that the gadget has been tracking tap the screen. Information such as the alarm, active minutes, calories burned, the estimated distance, and the number of steps taken are all displayed one by one as you tap the screen.

Inactivity Reminder: The inactivity reminder is an interesting feature. This feature will trigger a vibration pulse alert if you remain inactive for more than an hour. The tracker can also be used as a morning alarm clock.

Automatic Screen Activation: The automatic screen activation is an excellent feature that saves power. Moreover, you don’t have to press the activation button each time to see the data. By default, the display screen is in the off mode. To activate it, you just have to rotate the wrist.

Battery and Wireless Dongle: The Fitbit Alta is equipped with a rechargeable battery that can be juiced up using the USB charging cable included in the box. Normally, the data that the wristband tracks are transferred to the app on the phone. Using the USB dongle that’s provided with the tracker, you can wirelessly connect the gadget to your computer.


Pros Cons
Alarm alert and inactivity reminder Lacks altimeter and heart rate tracker
Automatic screen activation Not waterproof
Automatic sleep tracking  
Notification and text message alerts  
Long battery life (5+ days)
The Fitbit Alta
5 (100%) 11 votes


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