The Fitbit Blaze

The Fitbit Blaze is an affordable device that can track basic activities, monitor heart rate, help improve breathing and keep you motivated to achieve your fitness goals. Furthermore, for the first time, Fitbit is introducing color display in its fitness trackers. The device looks more like a smartwatch than an activity tracker. Let’s find out what exciting features and functions the Fitbit Blaze has in store for us.

Introducing the Fitbit Blaze Fitness Watch 

Design: There are quite a few smartwatches that encompass certain tracking functions. But, the Fitbit Blaze is a fully functional fitness tracker that mimics certain functions of a watch. The device has a small display screen, a metallic frame, and a rubber strap. The information on the display screen is clearly visible and easy to view without straining the eyes. The main unit can be detached and new straps that suit your taste can be attached to it. Even the metallic protective section of the tracker can be changed.

Display: Most other fitness trackers have the monochrome display, whereas the Fitbit Blaze uses a more advanced color display. To help see and differentiate the information displayed on the screen, the Blaze tracker has introduced the color coding feature. You will see the various icons of Blaze represented in different color schemes.

Water Resistant: The Fitbit Blaze is water resistant; a short duration in the rain and an accidental splash of water will do no harm to the gadget. But, it is not designed to withstand even a few minutes in static water. Hence, stay away from swimming pool if you’re wearing this device.

Tracking: The gadget is loaded with all the essential features such as the ambient light sensor, altimeter, heart rate monitor, and 3-axis accelerometer. The exercise tracking system covers all the basics such as weights, cycling, and running. The smart device also picks up the type of activity you’re performing. It can also detect a midway switch in activity (for example, the sudden switch from running to cycling). Blaze isn’t equipped with GPS; it relies on the phone’s built-in GPS for tracking location and information about the distance. Anytime you want to use the GPS feature you’ll have to carry the paired phone with you.

Fitbit App: The Fitbit Blaze comes with one of the easiest and accurate tracking mechanism. The Blaze tracker alone is of no use without Fitbit’s powerful phone application. Download the app and follow the instructions to pair the two devices and initiate the tracking process. The features and setting in the Fitbit app are limited to the type of tracker you’re using (in this case the Fitbit Blaze). Those who’re using Blaze will have access to Smart Alarm, Setting, Exercise, and the FitStar services. On the Blaze display screen, only the highly condensed version of the data is presented. A detailed look at the key parameters, graphs and charts indicating progress or lack thereof, and impact of various activities on the heart rate can be viewed on the Fitbit app.

Breathing Exercises: Breathing exercises can have a huge impact on the body and mind. Simple breathing techniques can calm your mind, regulate the blood flow, and offer various other health benefits. This important feature in Fitbit Blaze offers users guided breathing sessions and tracks the body’s vital parameters during these sessions.


Pros Cons
Introducing color display screen for the first time Lacks built-in GPS
Exercise tracking Not waterproof
Guided breathing exercises
PurePulse heart rate monitor
Long battery life (5 days per charge)
Support for Apple and Android devices


The Fitbit Blaze
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