thera-band stability trainerThe TheraBand Stability Trainer

If you visit your local gym every day, you will get to know that there are many people who join gyms in order to overcome their injuries and get back in shape. There are many people who suffer from ankle and knee injuries. After surgeries, most of them find it very difficult to walk just like before. This is why they join gyms in order to perform light workouts in order to overcome their injuries. These people are asked to use a special product, known as the stability trainer, in order to be able to walk and run like any other normal person.  The Thera-Band Stability Trainer is a great option.

theraband stability trainer review

Types of Thera-Band Stability Trainersthera band stability trainer

In order to understand about the various types of TheraBand stability trainers, it is vital for you to get some idea about these trainers in general. These products are basically made of durable PVC with air filled inside. The primary aim of these trainers is to prevent your ankle from rolling sideways during any heavy exercise routine. There are mainly 3 different types of Thera Band stability trainers.

  1. Green Colored Trainer: The green colored TheraBand stability trainers are firmest of all the trainers. These are basically closed cell foam pads. The surface of this trainer has anti-slip ridged surface.
  2. Blue Colored Trainers: These are comparatively softer than the green ones. These are also foam pads and are used effectively for balance training especially for senior citizens. These are also used by sportsmen to enhance their performance levels.
  3. Black Colored Trainers: These are the softest among all 3 colored stability trainers. These also come with heavy gauge sidewalls to help prevent your ankles from rolling sideways during workouts. It has 2 different surface options to use. One with anti-skid bars and the other with round points.

thera-band stability trainer

theraband stability discOne of the best parts of the black Thera Band stability trainer is the wide array of uses for the product. Since the black one has 2 different surfaces for training, the side with the round points can be used for sensorimotor training in older people. At the same time, the other side, with the anti-skid bars can be used by healthcare professionals for their patients, suffering from knee injuries and ankle injuries. Occupational therapists, physical therapists, and chiropractors can also use the anti-skid side of the black stability band for their training.

You may either shop for the black TheraBand stability trainer online or visit a store to purchase the product. The other colored trainers will also be available at stores or online. If you have never used such products earlier in your life, then you may make a mistake in choosing the right one for your use. It would be a good idea to seek some useful advice from experts in this profession. Your personal trainer at the gym or your physician will be the right people to discuss such needs. Purchasing the wrong product will result in a waste of money and time. Better avoid such confusions and seek proper advice.

TheraBand Stability Trainer Review
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