Titan Rowing Machine – A Foldable Rower with Just the Right Features

A rowing machine is one of the most common workout machines found in different fitness clubs and gym. It is a machine which simulates the action of a watercraft rowing. Exercising on a rower gives you a complete body workout and is one of the best when it comes to losing weight. There are two basic types of rowing machines found at the stores. One is designed for commercial uses at gyms and the other are designed for personal use at home or offices. Commercial ones are bigger and packed in with a lot of features, whereas, the other variety is smaller and has just the right number of features.

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What Makes The Titan Rowing Machine Different?

There are several types of rowers in the market, which are especially designed for personal use. You have to keep certain factors in mind while choosing the right rowing machine for your own purpose. Many brands of rowers are popular in the market. One of them is the Titan rowing machine. it has multiple interesting features discussed below.

  1. The Titan rowing machine comes with 8 different resistance levels. This means that you have the freedom of choosing the type of workout you wish to perform every time you use the machine. You may opt for a light workout by using a low resistance level or opt for vigorous workout by choosing a higher resistance.
  2. If you wish to perform cardiovascular exercises at home or mild aerobics, then the Titan rowing machine will be a good choice for you. It can help you get a proper warm-up or even make you sweat in order to burn more calories.
  3. The Titan rowing machine comes with a large LCD display. It shows various data about your daily workout such as calories burnt, number of pulls, and count time. This makes it very simple for you to keep a proper record of your daily progress.
  4. The pedals of this rower are large in size and come with adjustable individual straps. These straps ensure that your feet remain in the same position safely while your workout vigorously on the Titan rowing machine.
  5. This rowing machine is easily foldable. You can simply fold the machine and store is away safely when it is not in use. This will help your room look organized and also save some available space at home.
  6. The seat and handle bars are well padded for extra comfort. The maximum weight bearing capacity of the Titan rowing machine is 250 pounds.

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Shopping for the best rowing machine may seem like a piece of cake for you. In reality it is not as simple as you may imagine. You have to compare a few good models, finalize a specific budget, determine the features you want in your rower, and then go out to shop. If you do some research online or ask some of your friends, who have been using a rowing machine for quite some time, the entire shopping process may become simpler for you.

Titan Rowing Machine – A Foldable Rower with Just the Right Features
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