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Innovation is the key to success. If you follow the same old routine every day, you will invariably get bored with life. This is also true in terms of workout routines. If you do the same old exercises each day at the gym or at home, your body will soon cease to progress and you will feel monotonous. Although working out on a machine, such as the elliptical trainer or the rowing machine, is quite useful for your health, you should also try other types of exercises, as well. If you are a regular at the gym, you must have noticed many people using an elastic strap to do various types of exercises. This is basically known as suspension training and the leader in the suspension training is TRX and their latest line is the TRX Tactical line.

A Bit about TRX Tactical Suspension Training

Suspension training is an innovative form of exercise, which was initiated by the Navy SEALs. The prime motive of such workouts is to develop your flexibility, body balance, and your muscle strength. In order to perform suspension training, you will require the TRX suspension trainer. This is primarily a performance training tool and is very easy to carry around with you. The TRX suspension trainer leverages a user’s weight and gravity and allows to do tons of workouts.

trx tactical force kit

Benefits of Using the TRX Tactical Suspension Trainer

The TRX suspension trainer, which forms a part of the TRX Tactical Kit, has several benefits, apart from allowing a user to perform various types of workouts to stay fit and strong. Some of these benefits are discussed below.

  1. If you do not have much time with you and wish to work out your entire body in order to feel strong and fit, then using the TRX suspension trainer is a good option. It provides a complete body workout, which does not take much time and is also quite effective.
  2. Use the TRX suspension trainer every day and you will soon feel that your core has become as solid as a rock.
  3. Suspension training has proved that it can help enhance your muscular endurance very easily.
  4. Using the suspension trainer is not just limited to young and fit people or people from the military. This form of exercises is useful for people from various fitness levels.
  5. You can perform suspension training with the help of the TRX suspension trainer anywhere you want. Whether you are at home or in your hotel room or even out in your garden, you can easily set it up and go ahead with your training.

Types of Exercises to Perform With Your TRX Suspension Trainer

There are plenty of exercises you can perform with the help of the TRX suspension trainer. However, when it comes to the following 3 workouts, this suspension trainer is practically without any competition.

  • Pulling Workouts: If you have been working out for a long time, then you should know that pulling exercises are one of the oldest methods or bodybuilding. These train a number of muscles groups in your body at the same time, such as rear delts, biceps, forearms, back, hamstrings, and traps. If you wish to put your body to a new challenge, you can also add additional exterior weights.
  • Unilateral Training: In order to identify muscle weakness or imbalances, unilateral training is very important. It has been proven that in order to prevent any type of muscle imbalances, the best solution is to carefully choose workouts which strengthen opposing groups of muscles. This is where unilateral training plays a major role.
  • Core Training: For any human being, the center of gravity is situated right above the hip region. Your muscle coordination and strength are used by your body to maintain its center of gravity. Whenever you shift the position of your body, your center of gravity also changes. Suspension training helps to make your core muscles stronger by deliberately displacing the center of gravity of your body. This way, your body balance stabilizes in a functional way.

trx tactical force kit review

TRX Force Tactical App

Many of you may love to workout at the gym or at home. How would you feel if you also get a specially designed workout app on your phone to help you work out anywhere you want? The TRX Force App is one of the most comprehensive workout programs for every user and works on every smartphone. It has several features for your convenience.

  • Workout Videos: The TRX Force App has several workout videos to help you get an idea about the correct technique to perform different types of exercises.
  • Fitness Tests: There are several fitness tests in the app which you can perform. This will help you gauge your actual fitness level.
  • Exercise Clock: The TRX Force App has a specially designed clock which can help you keep track about your workout routine. It can also guide you with how long you need to perform the various types of workouts.
  • Agility Test: Apart from your fitness level you can get an idea about your agility with the help of several agility tests on the TRX Force App.
  • Training Reference: A section of the app speaks about the various training references such as tutorial, ideal way to setup the app and to use it, and how to contact them when in need.

Although working out is a good way to stay fit, if you exercise without proper knowledge then you may not get the best out of your routine workouts. This is why it is important to know about the various types of exercises and the correct way to perform them. One wrong move may give rise to several health issues in your body, which are best avoided. Discuss with your gym instructor or you may even do your research work online. This way, you can get the best information and also an idea about the right type of exercises for your health and body structure. With the help of the TRX Force App you will find a virtual guide and tracker to help you during your workout routine. The best part is, this app works on all types of smartphones, which makes it very simple to use.

TRX Tactical Force Kit Review
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