Weider Ultimate Body Works

The Weider Ultimate Body Works is a sliding adjustable incline bench that’s recommended for those who are looking for a versatile, affordable and space-efficient fitness equipment. Weighing 75 lbs with a footprint of 71 (L) x 26.5 (W) x 49.5 (H) and a maximum user weight capacity of 250 lbs, this compact machine definitely comes with the necessary features and facility that will let you build your muscles, boost your strength, and burn those calories towards your ultimate fitness goals right at the comfort of our own home.

Pull Up Bars

To help you know more about the Weider Ultimate Body Works, we’ve lined up below the major features, bells and whistles as well as the benefits that you’ll get to enjoy should you decide to buy one for your home.

    1. Allows for a full range of motion
      In achieving your fitness goals as you workout, it’s highly important that the exercise equipment you’re using allows you to freely and comfortably move your body muscles without unnecessary restrictions. This is because a limited range of motion would also limit the efficiency and effectiveness of your workout.With the Weider Ultimate’s cable & pulley system, you can target different muscle groups as you stretch and move your body to a full range of motion. This, in effect, would not only result in increased flexibility but also in enhanced muscle strength. Since your movements won’t be constrained, there’s also lower risk of incurring injuries while you workout.
    2. Adjustable resistance level
      Resistance level is also one of the critical components of every type of workout. And for your training to be safe, challenging, enjoyable, efficient and effective, you’ll need to have just the right amount of resistance in your workout and avoid levels that are extremely high or super low for your training needs. Too little of it can bore you and keep you from reaching your full potential while too much of it can strain your muscles and cause injuries.With Weider Ultimate Body Work’s adjustable incline bench, which is outfitted with wheels and pulleys on both sides, you can change the resistance level and, depending on your training need, increase or decrease it by adjusting the board’s angle to a steep or gradual incline.  Setting the bench to a steeper angle would raise the body weight resistance to a higher level while setting it to a more gradual angle would bring the weight resistance down to a lower level. Once you’ve set the board to your desired incline level, and with the use of the cables, you can push or pull your body on the gliding board and do different types of exercises such as cable flys and seated rows.In case you feel like your body weight is still not able to generate enough amount of resistance even when you’ve set the bench at its maximum incline angle, the Weider Ultimate also comes with four resistance bands, which you can use to increase the weight resistance by 50 lbs. And so basically, the higher the incline level of the bench and the more resistance bands you use, the more difficult and challenging your workout will be.Apart from the adjustable incline bench, with which you’ll utilize the weight of your body to generate resistance, and the power bands, which amps up the intensity of your training, you also have the option to use dumbbells or weights set to further increase the weight resistance level of your workout when you’re on the bench. And as you build up the intensity of your training, you also get to firm up your muscles, burn more calories, and build up your strength and endurance.
    3. Supports more than 50 types of exercises
      As a highly versatile training equipment, and with the use of the available resistance bands, the Weider Ultimate Body Works allows its users to do around 50 different exercises at varying intensity. With it, you can effectively do pull ups, sit ups, lat pulls, seat rows, butterflies, leg squats, leg presses, bench presses, and many more.  As such, you’ll be able to train your shoulders, back, abs, chest, arms and legs for a complete body workout.
      Pull Up Bars
    4. Works all major muscle groups
      Ideal for toning and strengthening, and with the capacity for simple and compound exercises, you can target a specific group of muscles or work different muscle groups in your upper and lower body at the same time. Thus, you won’t have to buy or use different muscle-building and strengthening tools and equipment just for you to be able to attain your weight-loss and fitness goals.
    5. Easy to assemble
      According to users of the Weider Ultimate Body Works, setting up the machine is easy, simple and usually takes less than 20 minutes. The instruction manual is also available online so you can easily access it. Moreover, the equipment comes nearly assembled so you’ll just need to set-up the bottom of the rails, the support leg’s stabilizers, the foam pads and the footplate.
    6. High quality and durable construction
      Made from tubed steel, the Weider Ultimate is also known for its solid and sturdy structure that exceeds many users’ expectations since the equipment comes at a relatively affordable price. So even when you’re doing high resistance exercises, you can ensure your safety and won’t have to worry about breaking or wobbling parts and pieces.
    7. Space-efficient
      If you have limited space at home and would want to reduce the machine’s footprint once you’re done using it, you can easily fold it away and store it under your bed.
    8. Affordable
      With 50 different exercises that you’ll be able to do with this machine, which is priced at under $150, you can actually save a significant amount of money as you won’t need to go to the gym or buy additional equipment just to get a complete muscle-building and strength-training workout.

And so with no hesitation, it’s two thumbs up for the Weider Ultimate Body Works.

Weider Ultimate Body Works Review
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