Withings WS-50 Wi-Fi Smart Body Analyzer is a scale that weighs 4.4 pounds and has a dimension of 12.8 by 12.8 inch, it has a lightweight and it’s very attracting.  Withings works with 4 AAA Withings ws-50 reviewbatteries which come along with it and the batteries should last between 8 months to one year depending on the number of measurements you take per day. With Withings WS-50, you can monitor the mass of your body fat, heart rate, air quality, weight and body mass index known as BMI at the same time. You can also customize the screen of the scale in any style you want. Withings Wi-Fi smart body scale offers so much than traditional bathroom scale, it gives basic relationship between the air you take in and your health like the amount of carbon dioxide in your surroundings, and if the percentage of the carbon dioxide increases, then you can get some fresh air to counter the effect of the gas. Has its name implies, it synchronized over Wi-Fi (and also Bluetooth) and detailed measurement can be gotten on your smartphone.

Withings Smart Body Analyzer Review


Withings Wi-Fi smart body analyzer can be set up easily and in a very fast. You need a Bluetooth connection to communicate with your phone (either an Android or iOS. It can also be connected to Apple watch and Apple Health) so as to activate the scale, after which your data can be sent to the phone you connected with. In addition to that, Withings smart body scale also comes with WIFI which can be set up in just a few steps. The next step after connecting Withings with your smartphone is setting up an online Withings account which will help you get the most from the scale. Setting up an account is not compulsory but with Withings account, the machine gathers data, store it and it feels more personable.


Withings allows you to create profile for not more than eight people at once, and it can recognize user that stands on it automatically, therefore, you don’t have to select your profile before stepping on Withings. The BMI and the body fat percentage will let you know your body composition and whether you are on the correct track in achieving your fitness goal. The air quality checks the pollution level such as the amount of carbon dioxide in the surrounding air and the scale also has a weather forecast availability. The scale is very important in order to measure and to know if there are any changes in the important things that can make you stay healthy, fit and even prevent diseases related to blood pressure, heart diseases and so on. This means you know more about your health, your fitness, and your body. You can also create a chart of your progress and let you how close you are in achieving your fitness goal. In terms of accuracy, Withings measures accurately and also have a year warranty.

Withings WS-50 smart body analyzer is a good piece of tool for your weight management program, heart rate monitoring, BMI, body fat monitoring, and air quality.

Withings Body Analyzer

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Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer Scale Review
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