Xebex Air Rowing Machine for Comfort and Performance

You might have heard of the brand Xebex before but not of the Xebex AR-1 Air Rower. That’s because Xebex has been in the business of making air bikes for about two decades and now they’ve ventured into manufacturing the Xebex Rower. And for the quality they offer at their price range, it won’t be surprising to see this brand gain as much popularity for its air rowers as it has with its air bikes. Here’s a quick look at what this machine has to offer.

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One of the notable things about Xebex is they conduct their own research and development for the products they make and offer. As such, you won’t have to worry about purchasing a machine that was simply bought off-the-shelf and merely bears the Xebex brand but was not designed, developed or manufactured by the company. This is very important because more than anyone else, it’s the company selling a particular product who should know everything about how it’s made, right?

So, what you may ask are the things worth knowing about the AR-1? Well, one of the things you should take note of about it, or any rowing machine for that matter, is the seat height, which is a couple of inches less than two feet off the floor. This is well within commercial standards, and a 22-inch seat height is generally good for your knees as well as for your back, which are often the most challenged or affected parts of your body, especially when getting off the rower after a highly intensive training or workout.

Apart from a knee- and back-friendly seat height, the AR-1 also has an adequately cushioned and well-contoured seat that’s designed to fit and support even large and heavy users. You can easily adjust the seat attched to a stainless beam made of steel to increase or decrease the seat height. When it comes to comfort, functionality, sturdiness and durability, this rowing machine surely has much to offer as it seems to have been made to meet high quality standards, and with the users’ needs in mind.

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We’ve tackled the seat height and make. Now, let’s move to the handle, which is also one of the things you should take into consideration, especially if you want your training to be both safe and effective. Most users of rowing machines opt to use gloves during their training or workout sessions to keep their hands from getting blisters. But with well-cushioned handles such as the ones you’ll find in the Xebex AR-1, you can row without gloves and still keep your hands blister-free.

One more thing you’ll need to check when you look for a rowing machine that would suit your training needs are the footrests. The Xebex AR-1 Air Rower’s footrests are wide and long enough to accommodate users with big feet. You can also easily adjust them by simply pushing a button, which is great if you’re sharing it with other users.


Xebex Air Rower Review
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