Xterra Fitness ERG200 Rower

Apart from having a balanced diet and getting enough rest, doing proper and regular exercise and workout is vital in achieving your fitness goals. And for those who are looking for an effective, low-impact cardiovascular workout, rowing can be a good option to consider. If you’re considering it as part of your workout routine or training program, you should also keep in mind that the effectiveness and efficiency of your rowing sessions would largely depend on the quality and performance of your rowing machine. As such, it’s important to know what options and factors to consider when looking for a rowing machine. Otherwise, you might end up wasting your money on something you won’t be able to use. Here, we’ll zero in on the XTERRA ERG200 in light of the factors that you need to take into consideration.

Pull Up Bars

Your available space or the area in which you plan to keep or put the machine is one of the things you should consider before purchasing a rower or any other fitness equipment, for that matter. It won’t matter how advanced or durable a machine is if it won’t fit in the room or area where you intend to store or set it up. The ERG200 rowing machine has regular dimensions of 72 inches long x 20.7 inches wide x 31.5 inches high, and weighs 66 pounds. It comes with a padded seat so you can row comfortably without hurting your rear and to avoid difficulty in getting off the machine once you’re done working out. If you plan to do long rowing sessions regularly, it’s important to check if the seat has enough cushioning to let you workout for as long as you need and without causing unnecessary strain of discomfort on your body. Otherwise, you might end up doing more harm than good to your body over time. Also, you’d be able to focus more on your training when you’re not distracted by any feeling of discomfort during your workout sessions.

Pull Up Bars

Apart from having space-efficient dimensions and a cushioned seat, the ERG200 also comes with padded handles, which help keep your hands blister-free. As with the padded seat, the padded handles allow you to do longer workout sessions as you won’t have to stop rowing from time to time due to just so you can avoid blisters.

The ERG200 rower also has pivoting pedals with straps the feet and joints from unnecessary strain, which can cause pain or injuries over time. Such feature also helps reduce the impact of the workout on your joints so you can safely row and shed off calories. The machine features eight magnetic resistance levels and the console displays basic workout data such as time, distance and calories.

Last but not the least is the machine’s design, built and durability. The Xterra Fitness ERG200 has a foldable steel frame with wheels so you can easily move and store in when not in use.

Be sure to check out the ERG500 and ERG400 models as well.

XTERRA ERG200 Rower Review
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