XTERRA TR600 Treadmill Review

The XTERRA Trail Racer 600 Treadmill is the affordable option from the manufacturer. The XTERRA TR600 will be a recommended treadmill for the new user and it will thus represent one of the top options when it comes to a straightforward experience which comes with an easy-to-use design.

What to look for in a new treadmill?

When looking for a new treadmill which comes with an affordable price, you should know that its performance should not limit your fitness level. This is why it is important to see the power of the motor and the speeds and inclination which comes with the motor. These characteristics will be important for the top performance of the treadmill. Furthermore, at this level, the treadmill should be very easy to use even if you haven’t used one before.

Built-in pulse sensors are a great addition as well. Knowing your heart rate will mean that you will take guessing out of your workouts as you will be able to quickly assess your effort level. Thus, it will prove to be a great addition when running at home without a personal trainer.

Features and benefits

If you want to get in shape and lose some weight, the treadmill can be a recommended option. Thus, you will be in the position where you are able to burn hundreds of calories at home and this means that the treadmill will work as one of the recommended solutions when it comes to the top performance of your cardiovascular capacity.

The treadmill comes with a limited number of programs. With just 5 preset programs to choose from, it will prove to be one of the options made for the best at-home performance. Thus, you will be able to use it for minimal variety. Furthermore, it comes with an angle adjustment of up to 12 degrees. This means that it can represent a good option when you try to increase the difficulty of your workouts and also when you want to increase your heart beats per minute.

What users say about the treadmill?

Users at this level love the comfort and the straightforward experience of the treadmill. Thus, with the built-in pulse sensors they will get a better perspective on what they can achieve in terms of effort. Furthermore, the treadmill comes with a built-in Jack port which will allow you to listen to your favorite tracks while working out.


The XTERRA Trail Racer 600 Treadmill is one of the affordable options for the home user. It will prove to be a great addition when you look to begin working out at home to lose body weight. Furthermore, it can represent a good solution when you try to improve your overall performance when it comes to fitness.

While it doesn’t come with a chest strap, you will still be able to monitor your heart rate using the built-in pulse sensors placed in the side handlebars. This makes the XTERRA TR600 a good product in the affordable range which can even come with angle adjustment.

XTERRA TR600 Treadmill Review
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