Zike Bike – The Future of Losing Weight

Obesity has become one of the biggest enemies of humans in almost every corner of the world. Gaining excess body weight is not just limited to adults. These days, children are also seen to get under the grasp of obesity. Although many people know about the dangers of obesity and excess weight, they prefer to ignore it gleefully. If you start gaining excess body weight, you may soon develop several health issues such as heart ailments, knee problems, blood pressure, and diabetes. This is why it is very important that you start taking good care of your body and get back in shape as quickly as you can. Many people join gyms in order to lose the extra baggage. With the help of several exercise equipment and machines such as a treadmill, spin bike, and elliptical, you can easily get the desired results. However, you may soon get bored with the same old workout machines.

Many people get bored with exercising in a closed air-conditioned room day after day. For such people using a zike bike will be a good idea. This is a specially designed bike, in which the user rides without sitting. The pedals of a zike work just like the pedals of an elliptical. In other words, a zike bike is more or less a combination of an elliptical and a spin bike. The only difference is that it is not stationary.

Let’s take a look at the different models that they offer.

Zike Saber Hybrid Bike

Zike SaberThis is the most expensive model that they offer but comes with some great features that the regular scooter models do not come with and justifies the higher price tag.  The larger tires (20″ front and 16″ back) make this model able to tackle off-road trails, something that is not recommended with the scooters.  It also has the highest weight capacity out of all the models topping out at 200 pounds which isn’t very much and a negative for larger adult riders.  The upgraded braking system and 7-speed system also help with the off-road conditions and hills when riding.

Zike For Adults

Zike Z600 Hybrid Bike

Zike NetThis is the step down from the Saber Bike with a slightly lower price tag.  One feature that the Saber is lacking that comes with this model is the ability to fold the handlebars which allows for ease when transporting in a car.  This model only has 6 speeds which is plenty to help with hilly scenic routes.  The recommended weight capacity is only 180 pounds (lower than the Saber) so if you are a larger adult you may want to fork out the extra dough and go with the Saber to be on the safe side.

Zike Com

Zike Scooter – Z150 Stepper Scooter

Zike Scooter Z150


Benefits of Using a Zike Bike

If you have ever used an elliptical and a spin bike, you will know that after some time you start to feel a pain around your knees and ankles. You also tend to take frequent breaks in between in order to give some rest to your aching back. With a zike bike, you will not feel such pains and also stand a good chance of enjoying a lot of benefits.

  1. Easier On Your Bones: Using an elliptical or a spin bike for a long time may not be a good idea for someone with bone or joint problems. It has been proved that after some time, you tend to feel a bad pain in your knees and ankles. This is basically due to the impact, which these sections of your body feel during your workout sessions. However, the motion of a zike bike is smoother and easier on your joints. The pedals of a zike bike move up and down in a circular motion, due to which you feel less force on your knees and ankles when you push the pedals down. In a gist, it can be said that ziking is an impressive way to lose those unwanted body fat without putting your joints at risk.
  2. Get A Better Posture: You probably tell your kids to sit properly in order to improve their postures. However, do you ever follow the same thing on your own? If you sit at one place for a long time every day, then it will naturally damage your body posture. It is also often seen that people use a spin bike by sitting in a hunched position. With the help of a zike bike, improving your posture gets very simple. A user has to ride the bike in a standing position, which will improve your posture. This bike is also good for people with severe back problems.
  3. Improve Your Heart Conditions: Obese people are sure to face heart ailments at some point in time in their lives. With the help of a zike bike, you can easily overcome any heart problems with ease. Working out on the bike is very simple. Since you can move around in your neighborhood while exercising on it, you will not even feel the time and enjoy your workout.
  4. Improve Your Body Coordination And Balance: Due to the standing riding position of a zike bike, you will feel that your entire body works in coordination. All the major muscle groups function at the same time, which also improves the overall body balance. As a result of this, working out on a zike bike provides a complete exercise for your body.

How to Maintain It?

Using a zike bike is a very simple process. Most of you will find the experience rather exciting. However, when it comes to maintaining such bikes, many people get perplexed as to how to go about doing so. Here are some tips to help you in such matters.

  • Carry A Dry Piece Of Cloth: If you use a zike bike for long, you will naturally perspire. This perspiration will drip onto various surfaces of the bike. Always carry a dry piece of sloth with you when you use the bike. After your workout gets over, you should wipe off every drop of perspiration from the bike. If you ignore this fact then it may damage your bike in the long run.
  • Clean The Dust: When you move around your neighborhood on a zike bike, it will naturally collect dust particles. These dust particles may accumulate on different sections of the bike and may lower the smoothness of the machine. Try and clean the dust off the bike after every 2 or 3 days of use. You may use a piece of cloth or even a low powered vacuum cleaner for this purpose.
  • Lubricate The Different Moving Sections: You should use a good quality grease or oil to lubricate the different moving sections of a zike bike after every 15 to 20 days of use. This will ensure that the bike continues to run smoothly for a long time.
  • Take Help Of An Experienced Technician: If you ever find something seriously wrong with your zike bike, do not make the mistake of trying to fix the problem on your own. This may make things worse. Always seek the help of an experienced technician for any serious defects with your bike.

Answer Some Questions Before You Buy a Zike Bike

There are many people who do not think much before buying a new product, like a zike bike or any other workout equipment, for their personal use. Usually they are the ones who face problems due to their wrong decisions. It is always better to answer some questions before you buy any new exercise machine for your personal use.

  1. Where to Keep It When Not in Use: Any major exercise equipment or machine will require some space to keep when not in use. Ask yourself whether you have such space at home, where you can safely keep your zike bike, when you are not using it. Chalk out a place you can keep your bike before you actually go out to buy one.
  2. Will You Be Able To Maintain It Regularly: Another question to ask yourself is about the maintenance of the zike bike. Will you be able to do so on a regular basis? It has been discussed earlier that without proper maintenance, your zike bike may cease to be smooth in the long run. Thus, regular maintenance is crucial.
  3. How Often Will You Use: Many people buy a new exercise machine with the determination to use it every day. However, most of the time this determination often fades away. Before you buy a zike bike, ask yourself whether you really plan to use it regularly or once in a blue moon. If the answer is going to be the latter, then buying such bikes will be a waste of time and money.
  4. Which Model to Choose: When it comes to any exercise machines, you will find several models out in the market. Which one to choose, is one of the most baffling questions for many. Have you tried to determine which zike bike to buy for your personal use? If you haven’t, then it better to find out about it and then buy the right one.
  5. Do You Know Everything About Zike Bikes: You may think that you know everything about zike bikes. However, is it really true? It is always a good thing to do your research work properly about zike bikes and then go out to shop. This will put you in a better position regarding the model to choose and how to take care of it.

How to Find Out More about Zike Bikes?

You may sometimes find it difficult to get information about zike bikes. There are several ways to find out about such bikes.

  • Find out Online: During your leisure time at work or even at home, you may search on the internet. You will find several websites, which will give you vital information about zike bikes. Do take care to search those websites which are genuine and provide authentic information. On the internet you will also get to know about their prices and which models will be suitable as per your requirement.
  • Ask Your Gym Trainer: If you are a gym member, you may also ask your trainer about zike bikes. He will be able to guide you in the right direction and also give you important tips regarding sing and maintaining a zike bike. Even if you are a gym member, you may not be able to go to the gym every day to workout. If you have your own zike bike, then you can definitely workout on your own in your locality.
  • Visit A Few Stores: Do you know a few sports stores in your city? You may visit them and discuss your needs with the store owners. They can also tell you which zike bike to choose in order to fulfill your requirement.

If you are sure that you know everything about zike bikes and also know which model to choose, you may easily shop online. Choose a reliable and reputed online shopping site and purchase the zike bike of your choice. Online shopping will help you get a good deal on the product and also get it delivered at your home without much of a fuss. Are you wondering whether paying for the product online will be a safe bet for you? This a common thought which crosses the mind of many first time online shoppers. Reliable shopping websites always have a secure payment gateway. However, if you still think that paying for the ordered zike bike online will be risky, then you may also pay with cash when the product reaches your address.

It is good to know that you will not see results overnight after you start using a zike bike. It will definitely take time for you to notice any visible change to your health and body. Your heart condition, your body weight, your balance, and your entire body coordination will improve in due course of time. The best part about using a zike bike is exercising out in the open. Enjoy the gifts of Mother Nature while you work out on this bike. This will not just help your health, it will also make time fly.

Using a zike bike is not just limited to adults. Kids above the age of 8 can also use the bike. However, if you are planning to buy one for your kid, you should choose the right model for the child. Not every model is good enough for kids. If your office is nearby or your child’s school is not too far away, then you may use your zike bike to go to work. Your child may use it to go to school. This way, you will be able to get your daily exercise and also save money on your car fuel. However, make sure to leave your home a bit earlier than normal. This is simply because zike bikes will not at the same speed as your car. Take your time to choose the right model. Many people take hasty decisions and end up choosing the wrong zike bike for their use. This should be avoided at all costs. After all, buying an exercise equipment or machine is a type of investment for you.

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