Flat Tummy Tea – Does It Really Do Wonders For Your Tummy?

A healthy eating habit, along with a disciplined lifestyle, can help you lead a fit and disease free life. You can easily maintain a proper body weight and look smart and attractive. However, all of this is easily said than done. In your daily life, you will seldom come across a person who follows a proper eating habit and exercises regularly. The end result is weight gain. Usually, it is seen that fat tends to accumulate around your tummy region. An enlarged tummy will make you look ugly and also give rise to several health ailments. Thus, the best way to avoid such future problems is to take proper steps to reduce your tummy and get rid of unwanted body fat.

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There are several health supplements and products in the market, which claim to be highly effective in reducing your body weight. However, the truth is much different than the claims. You will find just a handful from an ocean of weight loss products, which can give you great results. However, in order to make them work effectively, you have to exercise regularly and also follow a strict diet chart.

Flat Tummy Tea – Is It Worth The Hype?

Amongst the several weight loss drinks and products in the market, one of the over hyped product is Flat Tummy Tea. If you have an account in Instagram, you will come across many celebrities and other well-known people endorsing the product. Flat Tummy Tea is basically a 2-step detox product, which claims to show great results even if you do not go to the gym and follow a proper diet. All you need to do is have the product in the morning after you wake up and you are done for the day.

Just like apple cider vinegar and garcinia cambogia, Flat Tummy Tea also works by initiating a few changes to your overall body. It detoxifies your body by acting as a cleanser. Once all the toxins from your body is removed, it makes it very simple for your body to work at its optimum level. This, in turn, gives rise to a greater demand of energy. In order to get such energy, your body attacks all the stored fat in various sections. This is how the weight loss program of Flat Tummy Tea works.

How to Have Flat Tummy Tea?

Flat Tummy Tea consists of 2 different packets. One is labelled as “Activate” and the other is labelled as “Cleanse”. First of all, you need to have the packet marked as “Activate”. Pour around 8 ounce of water in a cup and a teaspoon of Activate content in the water using a tea strainer. Heat the water for around 5 to 7 minutes and have it after removing the strainer. Next up is the packet labelled as “Cleanse”. Put in a teaspoon full of Cleanse content into a cup full of water and a strainer. Heat the content for around 3 to 5 minutes and then have the drink. For the first week, you are supposed to have this drink every other night. However, during the second week, you are supposed to have it every third night.

Ingredients Used In Flat Tummy Tea

There are multiple ingredients used in the making of Flat Tummy Tea. Some of these ingredients include cardamom, peppermint, rhubarb, green tea, dandelion, cleavers, cumin, liquorice, and Egyptian senna. The manufacturer has not provided an exact combination of these ingredients. Out of the above listed ingredients, the “Activate” packet contains Camellia sinensis, cleavers, peppermint, dandelion root and leaf, fennel, lemon balm, cardamom, and liquorice. On the other hand, the “Cleanse” packet contains Persian cumin, Egyptian senna, dandelion root, peppermint, garden rhubarb, and liquorice.

Areas of Concern

If you take a closer look at the ingredients, you will notice that it contains green tea, peppermint, cardamom, and rhubarb. These are generally found in any common tea. In other words, Flat Tummy Tea can be termed as a type of tea. The only difference is that it is a costly tea. Experts have pointed out that Flat Tummy Tea makes claims, which are not backed by science. The website of the manufacturer also has a disclaimer, which states that Flat Tummy Tea does not prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any type of health diseases. It also goes on to say that the product has not been tested by the Food and Drug Administration. Although a number of celebrities endorse the product on various social media websites, it is quite clear that most of them do not have the slightest idea about the effectiveness of the product.

According to science, there is no way to determine whether your body gets any proper help to function properly once it gets detoxified. However, it is true that once you have any type of herbal tea, you are bound to feel psyched up and energetic. There is no proof to determine whether Flat Tummy Tea is indeed effective in helping you lose weight. It has not been proved that it can improve your overall health conditions, as well. The manufacturers have also come to understand the fact that their product is not a magical potion. This is why they have put up disclaimers to avoid any type of expectation or legal issues from their consumers.

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If you really wish to shed unwanted body fat and get back in shape, then the best technique is the age old solution of regular exercises and a proper diet. You may certainly take health supplements to boost your natural fat burning process. However, nothing can work like a charm and give you results overnight. You need to give it some time. The result of your hard work will certainly pay off and you will soon witness a great body. All you need to do is not to lose your will power. Since the body structure of different people are not the same, the time taken to see the results may also vary from one person to another.

Flat Tummy Tea
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