Juicing Your Way To Good Health

You can add more variety, zest, and nutrition to your diet just by making a tiny change. It’s true, we aren’t kidding. Juicing isn’t just for kids and weight conscious individuals. Freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice will help anyone wanting to give a boost to their health.

If you are not a big fan of juicing or have just become a lifetime member of the healthy living club, then this article will be a valuable source of information. Okay then, without further ado, here is your future best friend ‘Juice.

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Juicing – What is it and what is it not?

The process of extracting the flavorsome liquid called juice from vegetables, tubers, or fruit is called Juicing. Even though juice can be extracted from fruits and vegetables using our bare hands, the juicing process usually involves the use of a machine or equipment such as a hand juicer, hydraulic juicer, masticating juicer, etc. From the extract, we only consume the liquid, which we call juice, and leave out the pulp, which is made up of insoluble fiber. The non-separated extract that contains both the liquid and pulp is called a smoothie.

What are the health benefits of Juicing?

While juicing a fruit or vegetable, we remove the pulp from the extract; this removes insoluble fiber and a few nutrients of the fruit or vegetable. What we get from the juice is all the soluble fiber and more than 90% of the nutrients. What this means is that the juice extract is easily digestible. Our body absorbs the healthy enzymes, minerals, and vitamins more readily in the juice form.

Our muscles, tissues, and cells over time accumulate toxins that hamper health and performance of the body. The juicing process ensures the body tissues and cells get an abundance of essential nutrients in a timely manner to detoxify. The results of detoxification will be clearly visible. You’ll become more active, have better skin tone, healthy hair, etc.

Juicing treats constipation, removes difficult to digest fiber, and promotes gastrointestinal health.

Certain nutrients perform better as a team and you can create your own super combinations by juicing different fruits or combining fruits with vegetables. The nutrients in the super juices complement each other well. They ensure the body isn’t deprived of complex nutrients that are needed to fight certain ailments.

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Certain fruits and vegetables have a strong flavor that makes them unattractive to the kids. Mixing fruits and vegetables help mask the unappealing, but healthy flavor. Helping kids get the benefits of unappealing fruits or vegetables is perhaps the best benefit of juicing. Try juicing ginger and banana, papaya with lime, or come with your own combinations.

Important tips about Juicing

People who are suffering from diabetes or are allergic to certain fruits need to choose their fruits and vegetables carefully before juicing.

Have a clear health goal before juicing. Find out the ingredients (tubers, vegetables, and fruits) that will help you achieve your health goal.

Many people have doubts about the best time to drink juices. For maximum benefit, juices are to be taken fresh on an empty stomach, no less than 30 minutes before a meal. Storing the juice or exposing it to air and light for a long time can cause oxidation and destroy some of the healthy nutrients and enzymes in it.

There are a few people who question the health benefits of juices. They claim juicing causes more harm than good. This is a myth propagated by people who are not properly informed. Juicing is one of the best ways to feed the body with healthy nutrients. It causes no ill effects if taken without sugar.


Juicing Your Way To Good Health
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